Brutal! It's 4 Supreme Suzuran versus Housework Highlights in Crows X Worst!

There are three supernatural forces that always consistently exist in the city of Toarushi. The first is the Suzuran High School, the second is the Housen High, and the third is a motorcycle gang of The Front of Armament.

Throughout the city's history, Suzuran versus Housen's high school brawls have occurred more than four times. Housen and his Killer Corps are almost always a major threat to Suzuran's status, an unbeatable high school.

But from Crows Zero, Crows, to Worst there were roughly four highlights of the Suzuran versus Housen high school brawl. Here is the list!


The Destruction That Culminates Death of Makio Bitou

This is the most influential version of Suzuran versus Housen high school. The effect was felt to Crows Zero and Crows influencing Genji Takiya to Bouya Harumichi.


As may have been known to loyal readers the brawl that sparked Makio's death occurred much more brutally than the clash between the two schools. Almost all of its fighters carry weapons.

At that time Makio, though in doubt, came to lead 150 members of Housen Killer Corps. He won the number facing 100 people from Suzuran consisting of Kawaishi and Nakai gangs. Suzuran himself in the brawl was not supported by their two frontman, Rindaman (did not want to deal with such a problem) and Genjito Katsuragi (hospitalized because of appendix).

Although coming without weapons, Makio can defeat 20 people from Suzuran alone. As a result of the war, Nakaii of Suzuran died.

Kawaishi Noboru then took the initiative to collect the gang and attack Makio. Makio can defeat all his attackers, but Kawaishi then stabbed Makio. Makio also died.

This incident made a truce between Suzuran and Housen. Meanwhile, Narumi Taiga and Tatsuya Bitou are motivated to destroy Suzuran.


Rowing on Crows Zero 2

So, the previous discussion already mentioned Kawaishi Noboru's name. He was a central figure who ultimately sparked a conflict between Suzuran against Housen.

Once the ceasefire broke out, due to a dispute between the two schools involving Kawaishi, Narumi Taiga was at war with Suzuran. This one clash is marked by a moment like the burning of Suzuran building. It was not a good decision of course, because when Suzuran returns to visit, GPS and Serizawa forces unite to attack Housen.

The massive rowing ended after the peak battle on the roof, where Narumi Taiga showed his toughness. Genji and Narumi both had fought before getting there, but they could still fight with a draw until finally Genji proved he was tougher.

Tatsuya Bitou, who witnessed the duel, then made Suzuran versus Housen's brawl again in the era Crows .

Two other Suzuran versus Housen clashes can you check on the second page!

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