Brook's Rescue Operation from Big Mom's Hand!


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<h4> Brook is caught by Big Mom, and now the members of the Straw Hats Pirates who were there must save him! Listen <em> preview </em> anime <em> One Piece </em> episode 823 following! </h4>
<p> Previously, Brook had put out his best ability to beat Yonkou Big Mom. But basically a Yonkou is on a different level, Brook can be conquered by Big Mom. </p>
<p> Brook is a unique living being, even though he's already dead, because Big Mom wants to keep it as a collection. Like a child who gets a new toy, Big Mom always brings Brook wherever he goes, even while he sleeps. </p>
<p> Of course Brook can not just walk away, because the one who holds him today is a Yonkou, wrong-one, he can be instantly killed. Armed with this, who gets the job to save it is certainly a friend of his crew. </p>
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