Brook VS Big Mom Started!


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<h4 style= Brook faces Big Mom, one of the Yonkou members? Will Brook win? Listen preview anime One Piece episode 818 the following!

Back again preview anime One Piece this time we have entered the 818th episode which will air on Sunday, December 17, 2017. Before starting preview let's discuss a little anime One Piece episode 817.

In episode 817, the secrets of Pudding have been completely revealed, even Sanji sees it with his own eyes. Pudding is not the kind of girl she thinks, besides, she and other Big Mom families also plan to kill the Vinsmoke family, as well as Luffy, Nami, Brook and the other Straw Hats on site.

Next episode, we will again see Brook previously in the library treasure chamber along with the ruler on this ship, the Big Mom. This Yonkou still wants Brook alive to fill in his collection of unique creatures.

However, Brook is not that easy to lose and succumb, so Big Mom is also getting serious, and uses three powers taken from his own soul, the storm clouds of Zeus, the Prometheus sun, and Napoleon's pirate hat.

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<p style= If you look at the statistics, Brook does not have a chance to win from Big Mom, but that does not mean that this Straw Hat musician has no tricks. There was a brief battle between the two, but in the end, Brook successfully caught by Big Mom, and Yonkou is very fond of the uniqueness of Brook.

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<p style= Turning to another character, Reiju is still in the Pudding room with a wounded condition, and Sanji is still eavesdropping from outside. Here, Pudding will show his skill in controlling one's memories, with the fruit of the demon Memo Memo no Mi.


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Pudding alters the memory of Reiju, and removes the memory of the true nature of Pudding, and the remark he uttered earlier Reijus. If Sanji was not there, maybe the Pudding's plan would run smoothly.

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<p style= The captain, Luffy is still trapped along with Nami in the book prison. would Luffy really decide his hand? At the end of episode 818, there may be interesting scenes, namely Luffy and Nami's savior by Jinbei!

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