Boruto Seized By Shinobi Kirigakure!


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<h4> In <em> Boruto </em> episode 26, the Konoha school students who are on an excursion to Kirigakure get a threat, especially Boruto! </h4>
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As the previous discussion, of course the Boruto episode 26 also contains spoiler so for those of you who have not watched this episode, the authors suggest not to read it.

But if you've been watching and want to see details that might have been missed, this article is the right choice for you. All right, let's start the discussion Boruto episode 26.



The Return of May Terumi

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<p> Since the beginning of the episode, we are instantly exposed by long-lost characters. He is a former fifth Mizukage who also took part in the world war <em> Shinobi </em> fourth, Mei Terumi. </p>
<p> Despite the look of wrinkles on his face, but the appearance of Mei Terumi still looks beautiful even though it is not young anymore. He came and approached the children of the Konoha Academy being guided by Kagura. </p>
<p> Together with Kagura, Mei Terumi also escorted the group from Konoha to Mizukage's sixth room, Choujuro. Although the duration of his performance is not too long, but successfully relieved the longing of the fans of Mei Terumi. </p>
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<p class= Kagura Who Will Be the Successor of Choujuro

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<p> Behind its calm nature, it turns out that Kagura has a <em> skill </em> that is quite great. He has been asked as the successor to the sixth Mizukage, Choujuro, as well as being one of the Seven Ninja Swordsman in Kirigakure. </p>
<p> Kagura will get Choujuro's mainstay sword since he was young, Hiramekarei. The sword with two handles wrapped with this bandage is still used by Choujuro. </p>
<p> In fact, some people call Kagura a fit to be Choujuro's successor in terms of leadership, that of becoming the next Mizukage. Is it possible that friendships between two villages such as Naruto and Gaara each becoming Kage will happen again in the Boruto era? </p>
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<p class= Suspicious Kagura's Movement

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<p> The group from the Konoha Academy is watching the students from the training Academy of Kirigakure. They duel with wooden swords on the water. Playing the sword and also stable on the water is one of the advantages possessed by <em> shinobi </em> Kirigakure, as well as being characteristic. </p>
<p> Choujuro gives Boruto the opportunity to try out the Left Academy's student exercises. Boruto is certainly very happy to accept this offer. His opponent was none other than Kagura. </p>
<p> Finally, the two dueled using wooden swords. Boruto felt the pressure from Kagura who was very good with the sword. Of course Kagura's quick moves led him to victory. </p>
<p> After that, Kagura shows strange movements. I do not know what's on Kagura's mind against Boruto. Could he have another secret? Or is he thinking of something? </p>
<h4> Who is threatening Boruto? Will Boruto get over it? Check the next page. </h4>
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