Boruto Episode 25 Will Show Kisame's Child Hoshigaki!?


Still remember with Kisame Hoshigaki? It looks like his family is going to appear in Boruto episode 25. As this is the appearance of "son" Kisame Hoshigaki!

Boruto has now entered the newest arc after previously struggling with Sarada Uchiha and his family problems. As you can read from this anime Boruto the next story will show Boruto, Sarada and the others go to the Left village. Well, interestingly, there are some new characters that enliven this latest arc – especially that will appear in Boruto episode 25 later. The two characters are: Karatachi Kagura and HoshigakiShizuma. Here's an appearance of two characters to be introduced in Boruto episode 25 later:

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<p> These two new characters are described as talented young ninja that are the same age as Boruto and his friends. Kagura even becomes a motivation for Boruto to be strong. Oh, and Kagura this is the ninja who guided Boruto and his friends during a visit to the Left village. In addition, Kagura is also touted as a ninja who, although still young, has worked with Chojuro the Mizukage. </p>
<p> Well, out of these two characters, perhaps the one drawing attention is Hoshigaki Shizuma. He is described as a combat maniac who wants to restore the now-safe, brutal Left village. </p>
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Reading Hoshigaki's name, you must be reminded of Kisame's character. Yes, Kisame who owns the Samehada sword also has the name of the Hoshigaki clan. Does this mean Shizuma is Kisame's son? So far, the information only says that he is from the same clan as Kisame. Well, you could say they're both in the same family-but it's not known whether she's Kisame's child or not.

Seeing this Shizuma role is as an antagonist character who wants a Left village to be a village of Bloody Fog, it is possible his motives are inspired by Kisame.

These two characters are themselves shown in Shounen Jump magazine. In addition, also shown Left village which is now growing rapidly. Here is the appearance:

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<p> Anime <em> Boruto </em> episode 25 will air on September 20. </p>
<p> <sup> Credits: KenXyro </sup> </p>
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