Boruto Against Yurui from Kumogakure!

After being contorted in episode 56, it seems that Boruto is coming back for Yurui! Meanwhile, Shikadai will fight the beautiful Yodo of Sunagakure

Preview Boruto episode 58 reveals the interesting thing: the three round will begin next week.

The third format of the chunin exam itself is a duel between the genins. Which battles will be displayed? Here's what's in the footage!

Yurui has deliberately provoked Boruto in episode 56. Preview Boruto episode 58 shows that it is time for Boruto to try to repay the provocation by beating Yurui himself.

The problem, as has been shown in episodes 56 and 57, Yurui is not just bully trivial. Yurui and his two friends can easily pass the first round of obstacles, then overcome the Sumire team in the second round.

If Boruto belittles his opponent, it could be that he will be beaten.

Fortunately, it seems that Yurui – and the rest of the contestants and spectators – has so far not known that Boruto has the ace: the secret kote of Katasuke's creation. When pressed, Boruto can still utilize the technology to reverse the situation. As he just did in episode 57.



Ino-Shika-Cho Trio Will Fight Team Shinki



In movie the Ino-Shika-Cho trio did meet with the Shinki team.

There, Shinki fights Chocho, Araya the clown mask against Inojin, and Yodo must fight Shikadai.

Preview Boruto episode 58 reveals that match-up in the next week's episode would roughly be the same as that. Araya is shown facing Inojin, while Shikadai seems against Yodo.

The curious of course: is the result of the new generation Shōo-Shōsh Cho-op Shinki team going to be the same as in movie ? There, only a Shikadai can excel. Chocho, in particular, obviously can not do much considering that he has to fight is Shinki.

For the likes of action, Boruto episode 58 seems unavailable. Preview Boruto episode 58 already shows there will be at least three duel shown, namely Araya with Inojin, Yodo with Shikadai, and Boruto with Yurui. It seems to be a lot of fistfighting exciting.

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