Boruto Against Users of Kekkei Genkai Hyoton!


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<h4 class= As expected, Boruto episode 43 shows the user of the Kekkei Genkai Hyoton, which is icy! Can Boruto deal with it?

As usual, the Boruto episode 43 contains spoiler . So if in fact you're still looking for the episode, you're wrong entering the article.

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For those who already watch and want to remember interesting details, or do not mind leaks, please continue reading the reviews below.



The Reality of the Byakuya Gang

The first Byakuya gang was introduced at the end of episode 42. Preview Boruto episode 43 then shows them seemingly dangerous, because one of its members paralyzes Team 7 with Hyoton and there is a scene showing Shikadai saving the child from bomb paper.

Well, Boruto episode 43 shows more clearly about the action of Byakuya Gang. So far, the gang seems to be a truly noble gang, like the Robin Hoods.

The issue of bomb paper? It was not caused by Byakuya Gang. There's a fool who wants to use the paper to blow up a frog. When the frog is fleeing, the child is in danger. Shikadai ultimately saved the child. Thus, the incident did not occur at all for the Byakuya Gang.

Even so, members of Byakuya Geng are indeed at the scene.

Motivation of Byakuya's own Gang members is revealed gloriously. They stole treasures from Konoha Bank (took advantage of Haguruma's hostage in the last episode), then used it to help the troubled village.

Boruto, who still views the world in black and white, until gloom finds the confusing situation.


Yep, That Is a Hyoton has suspected that Byakuya's Gang members use Hyoton, the last Kekkei Genkai seen to be inherited by Haku. This episode confirms it. The Hyoton user used the family's inheritance capabilities to overcome the heat sensor in the bank (at the same time freeze the interest outside it), and even paralyze Team 7.

So this guy is Haku? Boruto episode 43 has not answered it. Even this episode has not yet introduced its name to the official, nor shows his face to Team 7. But almost certainly we have actually seen his face.

Yep, it feels 99% sure if this bright-colored young man is a member of Byakuya Gang who then uses Hyoton to immobilize Team 7.

He shows his good heart by praising Shikadai, then accompanying him to the shogi. Shikadai seems to be enjoying this so much that he continues to play again until the house.

Will the friendship between this Byakuya Gang member and Shikadai end up tragically? For now the writer feels so. But there is a strong indication that the Hyoton user is only used by his gang, and may be able to escape, as happened to Kagura and the Seven Sword Experts Kirigakure crappy version of the day.

Not only that interesting event in Boruto episode 43. Read more on the second page!


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