Blade Runner 2022 to Be A Short Anime


At the time Blade Runner 2049 still preparing herself to enter theaters next October, a nime short Blade Runner 2022 will be performing soon.

Entitled Complete Blade Runner Black Out 2022 this short anime one will mediate between the two series Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 . Set in 2022, Blade Runner 2022 directed by a maestro Watanabe Shinichiro known as the famous anime director Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop .

Blade Runner is a science-fiction work written by Hampton Fancher. Film cult classic lifted from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep has now earned a sequel to be aired next October. Blade Runner alone inspired Shin'ichirō Watanabe to make him the current director.

In the original series, Earth-themed Blade Runner (20145) tells the main character of Rick Deckard who was compelled by his superiors to return as a hunter Replicant .

Replicant is a living thing that changes through bioengineering or has been united with android or biorobotic. Indeed, Replicant has special abilities over ordinary people and they are perceived as threats. Deckard's task was to eradicate 4 replicants who came to earth illegally.

Reporting from Netlab Black Out 2022 recounts 3 years after the first Blade Runner where at that time there was an electrical death on the West Coast side of the United States.

The death creates problems, such as economic problems to reduced food supplies. No one knows what caused the death of the electricity, but society accused replicant as the mastermind of the problem.

In video teaser launched Sony Pictures Japan has appeared several concept art to be presented for Blade Runner Anime. One of the most visible are some of the main characters who will appear in the short anime and some urban images as the background main story.

In the making of this short anime, Watanabe says that he wants to give as much respect to Blade Runne r by not creating the imitation of this series.

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