Black Clover discussion Episode 25: Asta besieged?!

The discussion below contains spoiler for the only watching anime version Black Clover . So for those who are still looking for their own episodes it is advisable to be careful.

If you are already watching or do not mind leaks then continue to refer to the reviews below!

Charmy appearance, the outrageous greedy girl from Black Bull, may look totally non-threatening. However Black Clover episode 25 shows how dangerous things are with him.


When Catherine catches her, Charmy suddenly stops putting a dwarf shape and becomes a girl with realistic body size. He also issued a magic that mementalkan Catherine. One witch was successfully handled in this episode. Last seen, he has been secured.

By the way, Catherine is not after Charmy's food. What he is after is where Charmy is. So in reality the witch's woman lost because of an incredibly ridiculous misunderstanding. If Charmy knows where Catherine is after her, will she react like this too? Or did he foolishly take a softer action?



Fuegoleon Returned (Minus Arm



In episode 24, Fuegoleon is teleported to a place where he meets a mysterious figure. In Black Clover episode 25, the leader of the Crimson Lion Kings is back … in a state of unconsciousness and loss of one arm. Neither Asta nor Leopold did not believe this. Leopold even got so shock to become useless.

Who did this? From Fuegoleon's reaction after being teleported, it's clear that the figure he met was minimal he knew. So he was surprised. Not only that, his attackers should be extraordinarily powerful to beat him and make him lose his organs.

Readers may be familiar with this one cliché: a criminal has been urged, yet another villain rescues him. They leave before they can be chased by heroes. Either by teleportation or by physical ability. Sometimes they do not forget to leave words like "Wait for my vengeance!"

Asta and his sword make sure it can not happen in Black Clover this 25th episode.

For the record: the author does not read the manga version Black Clover . So this is the first time the author sees the scene above. When Valtos wanted to use spatial magic to bring Rades ergy, Asta used his sword to alleviate the magic. Valtos also had no help, while Rades was under threat of Asta. Admittedly, this scene is really awesome as well as creative.

Valtos then attempted to use spatial magic to attack Asta instead of rescuing Rades.

Fortunately Leopold was finally able to overcome shock see Fuegoleon's condition and attack Valtos. The situation seemed to be under control for the heroes. But the problem is not over here.

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