Big Mom's Past Revealed! Who is Mama Carmel?!

Already watching One Piece episode 835? There are some interesting events in the episode, which will lead us to One Piece episode 836, where Big Mom's past is revealed!

Indeed what is the fascinating thing of Big Mom's past that will be strongest in One Piece episode 836? There are some new facts that we will find in this episode (if you just watch the animation and do not read the manga).

But in preview One Piece episode 836, there's a fine spoiler which can certainly interfere with your enjoyment while watching next week, so it's advisable not to read this if you do not want to be hit spoiler .

Conversely, if you're curious about Big Mom's past, then this is the right article for you! All right, let's start preview One Piece episode 836 .

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<p> In <em> One Piece </em> episode 836, we'll look at Big Mom's past, aka Charlotte Linlin. Either later this flashback will be an episode or more (considering the anime <em> One Piece </em> likes to extend the storyline). </p>
<p> There are some interesting points from Charlotte Linlin's past, what are those? </p>
<p> As a child, even when he was 5 years old, Charlotte Linlin had a very large body, which exceeded the size of an ordinary human body! Of this size, even he is equivalent to the son of a giant. </p>
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Long story short, mama Carmel is the one who raised Linlin, along with some other wasted children who also have their own uniqueness.

On this island there are also some characters that have been introduced first, such as the two giants Oimo and Kashi who once guarded Enies Lobby, as well as Hajrudin, who became one of the Straw Hats alliance divisions.

Apparently Charlotte Linin is very powerful and dangerous! In fact he is capable of killing a giant elder! Who is that? Check the next page for discussion One Piece other 836 episodes!

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