Big Mom Group Must Be Destroyed? These 5 Parties Can Attack Big Mom's Family After Luffy!


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<h4 class= A Yonko has no room to show weakness. After a conflict with Luffy, these parties could attack the Big Mom family and make sure the Yonko group is destroyed!

OPLovers may remember what happened to the Whitebeard group first. After their captain died, substitute captain (Marco) tried to fight with the Blackbeard group. They are defeated, and their territory is now taken by another Yonko.

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Some are indeed occupied, some are forced to seek refuge in other Yonkō like Fishman Island.

New World is different from Paradise, the first half of the Grand Line. In a way, the second half of the Grand Line is a gang war arena of four of the strongest pirate groups in the world. One weakness alone will be exploited by other groups to strengthen themselves.

Luffy, Whole Cake Island and the Big Mom pirates are ruined. One Sweet Commander collapsed, and two others could catch up before it's over. A number of Big Mom kids, such as Moscatto and Opera, were killed. Aladine and Charlote Praline left the group.

Although Big Mom is just K.O., not to death, this condition is actually very tempting to be used by some groups to attack the Big Mom family. These are the parties who can benefit!

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team



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The Blackbeard Group

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<p> Teach always takes the right moment to move. It could be that after Luffy leaves he who will come attack the remaining Big Mom family. </p>
<p> In addition to Luffy, arguably Teach is another pirate whose motives are obviously to become the king of pirates and find One Piece. So Blackbeard will take advantage of this moment to acquire Big Mom's Road Poneglyph. </p>
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It would be interesting that Luffy would only get a copy of each Poneglyph, while Teach and his group continued to obtain their physical stone. When this happens, these two groups will actually be the two fighting in Raftel.


The Kaido Group

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<p> Since SMILE's supply has stalled, Kaido is getting ready to wage war. His Beast troop can not grow anymore, so he might as well exert all he has to create unrest in the world. </p>
<p> When Big Mom falls, then there is actually a power vacuum and an imbalance in New World. When news of the incident spread (and the news must have spread, given Big News Morgan present at Whole Cake Island), Kaido could take advantage of this momentum to declare war. </p>
<p> With the weakening of the power of the Big Mom group, the group that can stop it will diminish. It will also make the battle of Wano even more crowded. </p>
<h4 class= Another party who can take advantage of the opportunity to attack the Big Mom family can you check on the second page!


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