Big Mom Group Destroying the Straw Hat?!

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Discussion One Piece This 900 clearly contains the spoiler . Even the title of this article alone is already so. It is advisable not to go any further if you are actually anti-leaked.

If you are curious or have read, please read the review below!




No, Big Mom Not Dead or Fainting



The author's wish is to eat a Sanji-Chiffon-Pudding-made cake can at least paralyze Big Mom for a while. That way Thousand Sunny can get away from Whole Cake Island more easily.

In fact not, Big Mom recovered to its original state without any negative effects. His rage stopped. He also does not suddenly get enlightenment so that it becomes good.

The only positive effect for Big Mom's Straw Hats on cake is that she spends long enough to eat the whole big cake. Until the end of the chapter, he was not involved with the Thousand Sunny. One Piece 900 reveals that Big Mom does not have to move.



All Straw Hats Strip Paralyzed Easily



One Piece 900 shows Germa 66 finally collapsed too. It's hard to deal with the massive number of Big Mom's troops. The Charlotte family themselves ended up using their special bullet that could pierce Germa's skin.

The Vinsmoke Judge on the Germa carrier was in trouble. Seen in this chapter there is an enemy figure that treads to his ship. Judging from the silhouette he is Snack, the former Sweet Commander. Although once Snack was overthrown Urouge, Judge who had been injured by the incident at this wedding may be in serious danger.


Then the group of pirates of the Sun, who to sacrifice themselves by returning to help Sunny? They also can not do much, because Netsu Netsu no Mi's Oven can heat the ocean (as he did while trying to prevent Nostra Castello from escaping).

As if that's not bad enough …



Thousand Sunny Blown up?!



All of their allies are uprooted. Then the mother ship of the Big Mom fleet seems to have blown Sunny up here. Jolly Roger the Straw Hats to float in the ocean.

The only entertainment for OPLovers of this incident is that only the ruins of the Sunny ship have not been shown clearly in the midst of the blaze.

Actually what happened? Author speculation about One Piece 900 can you read on second page!

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