Beware! Here's a List of Bearer Characters in the Anime World


 unlucky character "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> The bad luck character we should be cautious, Being around them alone has made our fortunes slip away even more fatal, our lives can be a stakes.Who are some characters that make us hit unlucky continue? Consider the discussion </h4>
<p style= Unlucky bearer. The title might have flashed in our heads if presented with some names of famous anime characters. Wherever they go, bad luck always trailing no matter whether other people are hit or not. Even among them there can be a great disaster if it takes too long to live somewhere.

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The causes of these pesky luck characters also vary. Some are caused by birth. There are indeed blessed ability to suck the luck of others. There is also a misfortune because of the curse that he got from a tragic incident.

But there are also considered unlucky because his own behavior is miraculous when it invites disaster. Who are they? How to handle it? Here's the most dangerous carrier character of the version!


Sakata Gintoki

Who would have guessed this curly haired character get into a list of unlucky carriers? Anyone who first met him would not be suspicious of this one samurai. No record informs him that he has a special curse or anything that might invite danger.

But throughout the series itself, Gintoki often makes his clients apes every time he meets him. Madao who was once a Bakufu official now becomes a homeless man who sometimes works odd jobs.

Hijikata was once cuffed with Gintoki while lurking rebel groups. Likewise with Zenzo who is often a victim of hit-and-run Gintoki. Even Shogun Shige-Shige is often the bully victim of Yorozuya members.

The only thing that's culpable Gintoki's cursed is probably Gengai. This machine expert is precisely the culprit of Yorozuya misfortune every time they try the tools. Just take a look at the Soul Switch Arc episode, the Hijikata and Gintoki spirits were once switched on by the egg-rice extractor of his creation.

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The only way to avoid the misfortune caused by Gintoki is probably only one: do not let him get into your business. It's also just special scene comedic.



One of the survivors of this eclipse ritual was once a mercenary working under Griffith's command. But since Griffith turned into Femto, the Guts got a curse mark that made him an easy target for demons and demons who wanted his soul as a food offering.

As a result, every night he had to fight to slaughter the monsters who were after him. Unfortunately, the people around him are often the victims of monster targets that failed to target the Guts. Even according to Puck, a major disaster will usually happen if the Guts or Casca stay too long in a region.

Therefore, only a few people have certain abilities such as magic alone that can survive with the Guts. Fortunately, the curse of the Guts itself can already be lightened by Flora so that the number of spirits that come may be reduced.

But again, you have to keep a distance with this swordsman. Although the curse has been lightened, but the negative effects of the armor he wears are still lurking until now. If not careful, it could be your head can disappear in an instant when the Guts berserk.



Do not be deceived by the allure of his cloak. Could be, all your luck even missing no trace. Chasing it alone guarantees you to lose your job in an instant. Forget your desire to marry this one girl!

This sweet girl is actually a goddess of kemalngan that can affect the fortune of anyone close to him. Despite its cheerful nature to attract the hearts, those who know their true identity will immediately take a thousand steps once they see it.

Kofoku can make people become unemployed or experience a terrible disaster. Worse yet, this ability can work both in humans and gods. Therefore, there are only a few people who dare befriend him like Yato and Hiyori.

Therefore, at least multiply pray before you meet this one goddess. Perhaps, you could be struck by a meteorite when you look at him.

These two characters both have high luck. But both should be labeled as unlucky carriers. Why did it happen? Click next page!


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