Beware! 5 This Sealing Moment Can Cover You Forever!

Sealing stance is needed if facing an enemy that is too strong and can not be killed. The method itself varies depending on the terms used.

Sometimes when the protagonist confronts an enemy that can not be defeated, he will use the final solution: using the sealing stance. The goal of sealing itself to seal the enemy forever. The way to seal the enemy is also diverse and has a temporary or permanent effect.

The sealing stance itself has several requirements for successful sealing rituals. There are those who need the lives of their users, some of which require to name the enemies to be sealed.

Curious about what sealing steps exist in the anime? Check out the discussion!


Sabaku Sotaiso Fuin

This jut exclusively belongs only to Gaara as a sand user. The Kazekage itself claims that this jutsu is capable of confining enemies like anything including the shinobi raised by Edo Tensei. Gaara himself only uses it on a snapper-class enemy that is hard to kill or captures like the Second Mizukage.

The mode of use itself is quite simple (for Gaara, of course). First, Gaara will encircle his enemy by using the sand in considerable amounts. Then, he forms his own sand into a large pyramid. Finally, a sign of a typical Shukaku seal will propagate and intertwine each other into Gaara's sand pyramid.

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The power of the seal of Sabaku Sotaiso itself can still be strengthened with the help of golden sand belonging to Gaara's father. Its golden weight allows Gaara's confinement to be much more pressing against the enemy than the previous version. Thus, successful enemies are sealed and can not be any more.

Variations in the size of the pyramid itself are adjusted to the size of the enemy. In addition, the Sasaiso Sabaku seal effect can be reinforced with sealing spell paper.


Iced Shell

One of the magical techniques here allows its user to enclose an unbeatable enemy like Deliora. Because of its effect, this stance is categorized as a forbidden stance and should not be used except as the ultimate solution in defeating the enemy.

This ice stroke is different from most. If most of the regular stance consumes only the user's magic, this jutsu instead uses the body and mind of its owner instead.

As a result, the user's body will turn into ice that confines his enemy. According to Gray himself, the actual user of this stance is not killed but live as ice that imprisoned his enemy. It is said that Iced Shell's ice sticks can not melt for years.


This ice also can not be restored as it was with the help of Arc of Time. The only sure way is this ice can only be melted with special rituals as did Lyon and his followers.

This magic also has a much more powerful version, Lost Iced Shell. The difference with the usual Iced Shell is the Lost Iced Shell into the Lost Attribute category. The effect itself is far more frightening in which all the memory of the person who knows the fireman will vanish. It is proportional to its ice strength that is hundreds of times stronger than a normal Iced Shell.

The two seal stance on the next page is so popular in Naruto's world. But the consequences themselves are so horrible that these two techniques fall into the forbidden category. Do you remember? Click next page!

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