Besides Gintoki, Here's a List of Great Sword Users at Gintama


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<h4 style= In the series Gintama the use of the sword or Katana is already forbidden, but by no means does not exist, because this is a great sword user in Gintama other than Gintoki.

Since it has a Samurai theme, almost all characters in the serial Gintama usually use swords. Of the many sword users here, surely the most you remember is the main character, Sakata Gintoki.

However, the great sword user at Gintama is not just Gintoki, there is still another swordsman character who is not less jagonya, and here are the great swordsman characters in Gintama .


Hijikata Toshiro

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<p style= Hijikata Toshiro is vice chairman of the Shinsengumi organization, as well as rival Gintoki number one. Because of being a rival, of course Hijikata has the ability to swim almost matching Gintoki (almost yes).

Behind his assertive and merciless nature to be called the deputy chairman of the devil, it turns out Hijikata does have an unpleasant past. Since childhood, he had been left both his parents. While living with his good brother, the problem continues to happen, until everyone starts to fear Hijikata.

Due to this, he traveled as a Ronin rebel. He likes to challenge Dojo to others, until he is finally picked up by Kondo Isao and put into his Dojo . He also became deputy chairman of the Shinsengumi organization.


Okita Sogo

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<p style= Okita Sogo is the sadist of the Shinsengumi, as well as the leader of the first division. Of course, because of his greatness, he was elected in his early years as chairman of the division, and was believed to lead his own army.

The rival is Kagura, and the person he really wants to kill is Hijikata. Why he hates Hijikata so much, that's why. Sogo had first joined Kondo's Dojo but since Hijikata came, Sogo felt that the mayonaist's fan took everything that belonged to him, Kondo and his brother Sogo, Mitsuba.

Sogo several times shows his prowess, like a duel with Nobume, facing many Itou Kamotaro troops who intend to stage a coup and kill the leader of the Shinsengumi, Kondo Isao.

Two members of Shinsengumi are present, are there any other members? Check the next page.


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