Beneran, Here are 5 Reasons Why Sarada Be Single Child Uchiha Family!

Some of the Uchiha Clan has already been killed by Itachi, and Sasuke remains the only remaining possession of the pure blood of the Uchiha family.

In this case, of course the new Uchiha clan seemed to be preceded by Sasuke. But in carrying out his duties as a clan regenerator, why he and Sakura only have a child just a puppet, Sarada Uchiha? This is the cause!

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<p> The father, Sasuke Uchiha has fallen in love with his job as a justice defender of the Seventh Hokage submission! To and fro was assigned the Seventh Hokage to atone for his sin to make Sasuke live very far from home! </p>
<p> Traveling around the world saving village by village makes him almost forget his duties as a head of the family! Worse yet, even Sarada was not born in Konohagakure and should be assisted by Orochimaru's assistant! </p>
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Although indeed he still follows his role as a housewife and more often at home to pay attention to Sarada, but it is undeniable that both Sarada, Sasuke and Sakura have a busy life that interrupts their time to gather. Especially the father and the mother to fulfill their duties as the head of a new generation of clans.

Is there still another serious problem to be discussed about the aloneness of this Sarada Uchiha? Check out the follow-up on the next page!

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