Believe It or Not, This Gamamaru Forecast Has Become A Reality!


The divination becomes real! Starting from the evil Kaguya, sage and the nature of Jiraiya, all his future views are always accurate. Here are 4 Gamamaru forecasts that have come true.

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Gamamaru is a special frog that has a spiritual soul, is close to nature, and has attained a high degree of enlightenment. Having a special gift in predicting the future, the Old Frog or Gamamaru has foretold some predictions that come true. These are four Gamamaru forecasts that have come true.


Kaguya Crime Predictions

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<p> Gamamaru browsing Kaguya Otsutsuki enslaving the land with <em> Infinite Tsukuyomi </em>. Years later, Gamamaru approached the twin sons of the princess, Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki. He reveals to them the evil nature of their mother and tells them to stop him. Gamamaru intervened on his own by teaching them <em> senjutsu </em> which they later succeeded in sealing Kaguya in the end. </p>
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A few years after the fulfillment of Kaguya's evil predictions, Gamamaru became familiar with Hagoromo and gave him another message. The content of the message is "a blue-eyed boy will one day unite a tail-creature and change the world."

Sure enough, Naruto is the child referred to in the aforementioned nubuaan. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto manages to unite the tailed beast after getting out of Tobi's control. At that time Kurama remembered the words of Gamamaru about someone who would reunite the tail creatures and put them on the right path.


Divination Jiraiya A Shinobi Flirty

After a long absence and getting old, Gamamaru again reveals himself to Jiraiya. Centuries later, while Jiraiya practiced on Mount Myoboku, the elder Frog gave a prophecy of himself, namely "First, he would become a talented shinobi and become shinobi flirtatiously at the same time. Jiraiya will walk across the world as a wise man, observe all creation, watch nature and follow his path and he will write a book. "

Sure enough, Jiraiya is one of 3 sannin Konoha who is famous for his prowess, mastered senjutsu but also a young girl enthusiast. He wrote the book that Kakashi and Minato favored.

There is one very interesting Gamamaru prophecy, for it takes into account the appearance of a figure that changes the world. Check the discussion on the second page.


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