Be Ready, Third Season Boku no Hero Academia Ready to Launch April 2018!


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<h4> Still miss the action of Deku and his friends in becoming a superhero in the series <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em>? Prepare for the third season <em> Boku No Hero Academia </em> will air next year </h4>
<p> Still miss the action of Deku and his friends in becoming a superhero in the series <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em>. Do not worry, because your request will be granted soon. Because the third season Boku no Hero Academia will appear next year exactly in April 2018. </p>
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The announcement of the third season Boku no Hero Academia appeared in the latest edition of Shonen Jump which states that the series will be back in April 2018.


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There is no confirmation from Bones as the studio that made this anime adaptation, but if the news has been entered Shonen Jump then the news could be true.

The third season Boku no Hero Academia will take the arc "School Trip" and will recount the summer journey of the students of U.A. class 1-A. The students will be taken to the Forest of Magic Beast where they must hone their powers under the supervision of Aizawa and pro hero of The Pussycats.

However, the League of Villains is still moving forward with its mission, and Izuku will find himself having to fight the villains as they come to kidnap one of his classmates.

Boku no Hero Academia itself is one of manga best-selling in Shonen Jump lineup . Before being adapted into the anime series, this manga has received many awards and honors. This manga succeeded in nomination Manga Taishou 8th and received praise from Masashi Kishimoto the author Naruto .

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<p> Kishimoto predicts that this series will sell well all over the world and when his anime- <em> adaptation aired on April 3, 2016 all lovers <em> anime </em> and who was not immediately in love with Midori's struggle became <em> superhero </em> although he had no superpowers at all. </p>
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<p> Boku no Hero Academia </em> successfully sold as many as 10 million copies as of March 2017. <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em> also spawned many fans in Indonesia by becoming one of <em> fanart </em> done by the makers <em> doujin </em> in the title of Comifuro 9 yesterday. The second season of the <em> anime adaptation of Boku no Hero Academia </em> has aired starting from April 2017. </p>
<p> <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em> was done by Studio Bones who had previously made many <em> anime </em> bestsellers and gained positive attention from lovers <em> anime </em> like <em> Eureka Seven , Star Driver, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gosick, Space Dandy, Soul Eater, </em> and <em> Darker Than Black </em>. In addition to Indonesia, <em> this manga </em> has been published in the United States. </p>
<p> <sub> Edited by Fachrul Razi </sub> </p>
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