Be careful! 7 The Blind Man Is Very Dangerous In Anime World

The blind is often underestimated by the surrounding community. But these fighters prove that the assumption could be wrong.

The blind is often underestimated by the surrounding community. But that does not apply to these seven characters. They prove that having no vision is not an obstacle to being a dangerous warrior.

We must be familiar with Daredevil superhero characters. Yup, this hero has the characteristic of his senses except that the eye has sensitivity that reaches the level superhuman . Without an eye, he is still able to fight against his enemies from hoodlums to even armed mafias.

Similarly to the anime characters of this one. They are a few examples that not having eyes is a blessing. All these blind fighters are able to recognize the surrounding world only by relying on the five remaining senses. Even with certain knowledge, these characters have sensitivity beyond ordinary humans.

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One of the former criminals who once defeated Gintoki was once a samurai who often practice tsujigiri. He suffered from childhood blindness due to the fever he suffered. But the incident actually motivated Nizou to rise up to become a samurai.

He trained all his senses intensively. Thanks to his training, Nizou succeeded in becoming a dreaded fighter and recruited by Hashida Kahei as his bodyguard. After losing at arc Infant Strife, he was recruited by Takasugi Shinsuke who was interested in his powers.

Not only is his sensual sensitivity a dangerous one, Nizou also has the Iai-jutsu talent that is perfect for a killer like himself. Only, he has an embarrassing reputation: defeated Gintoki twice.

But his name re-scooped as he participated in helping the business Takasugi beat the Amanto in Silver Soul Arc. The soul of his clean-cut leader also influenced his view of the world.

This dreadlocked god of death was once a 9th division captain before he betrayed Soul Society. Although born blind, it does not prevent his intention to continue to uphold justice.

Sure enough, Tousen is one of the few characters who managed to hurt Kenpachi Zaraki. Thanks to his banka capable of disabling all sensors of both senses and spiritual energy, he successfully cleared Zaraki until his own sword was touched by the 11th division captain.

Worse yet again after successfully doing the Ressurection, Tousen turned into arrogant and not as calm himself just because he could see again. That of course made him lose in front of a combination of two former friends, Komamura and Hisagi.

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