Battle of Seru Team 7 Against Zetsu White!

Team 7 against White Zetsu in Boruto episode 52! Even Konohamaru is in trouble!

But not only that, there is a familiar enemy that appears at the end of the episode, after the song ending!

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Boruto episode 52 has been intriguing because of the appearance of the White Zetsu last week. Indeed, this episode is really interesting and filled with surprises!

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<p align= As usual, the discussion of Boruto episode 52 contains spoiler . So if you're anti-leaked and are actually still looking for your own episode, you get into the wrong article.

But if you are already watching, or do not mind leaks, please continue reading the reviews below!




An Abnormal White Zetsu



As can be seen from its form, even for the size clone Zetsu White any creature facing Team 7 has an abnormal form.

This white Zetsu really has no sense like the original White Zetsu, but as compensation he has tremendous power. Combined with the mastery of many jutsu at once, even Konohamaru can not even face it alone.

Team 7 was pressed all-out in the first confrontation. Untung Boruto was given a ninja technology that is basically … uh … flashbang . This light grenade blinds the White Zetsu and allows Konohamaru to wound him.



Boruto Realizes His Weakness



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<p align= Ultimately, White Zetsu can be conquered by Konohamaru with his powerful Rasengan. But before that, White Zetsu had time to beat Boruto, who moved beyond the plan.

Boruto can usually find a way to defeat his enemy. But there is still a level he can not reach.

Boruto this 52 episode reveals that Boruto can not touch the Fourth Shinobi World War era warriors. Previously he had been defeated and humiliated by Kakashi. Then this time, when he sees the opportunity, he tries to be the figure who killed Zetsu White.

The reason? Boruto wanted to be recognized for his ability, not because he was the son of Hokage but indeed because his skill was remarkable. But the power of Boruto was not even enough to hurt Zetsu White, until he got caught in serious trouble.

Fortunately his colleagues can save in that situation. But it seems this situation that makes Boruto want to show off in the chunin exam later.

Continued discussion Boruto episode 52 can you read on the second page!

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