Attacking Unexpectedly, Here are 5 Types of Aburame Clan's Insanity


The Aburame clan has a distinctive insect attack. Without us know, it turns out the insects used there are many you know! Here are five types of Aburame Clan's mainstay insects.

Each clan has a special ability in combat. As a characteristic, the Aburame clan uses insects as their technique. This insect technique is able to attack the enemy quietly, drain chakra damage the body, spread poison, and also as a tracking device. Here are 5 types of Aburame clan's mainstay insects.



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Members of the Aburame clan have a mutualism symbiosis with kikaichu. Aburame clan's body is the host where kikaichu to nest and breed. Instead, the shinobi received a lifelong ability to control insects and use them as their main technique.

The usage of kikaichu usually secretly ambushed the opponent and drained their chakra before they saw the insect using the Mushi Dama technique. This technique will leave little chakra opponents so they can not move and fight.

With proper control of the members of Aburame, kikaichu was also able to move chakra track the target, serve as a protective shield, and as a prison to hold the opponent in place.

Since kikaichu only have a period of several hours, they can be cast in battle. To maintain their numbers, they continually reproduce in their hosts.

Shino Aburame is indeed one of the figures with a benevolent nature in Naruto . But his power is undeniably horror.



Bikochu is a great insect formerly used by the Aburame clan in the Shinobi World War. Now, bikochu become an endangered species, so they let it live in its own habitat. Bikochu is known to have an extraordinary sense of smell, stronger than a dog. Her distinctive features are long-nosed and blue eyes.

This species only lays each year during the breeding season; a day after a rainstorm. As soon as one egg hatches, it enters the pupa stage and then morphed into adulthood.

Insect users are interested in bikochu because bikochu can track the source of the scent he remembered. Bikochu will once be used to track Sasuke's whereabouts, but is thwarted because the first aroma that Bikochu smells is Naruto's fart.



Kidaichu is a species of beetle-like insect utilized by certain members of the Aburame clan to use insect parasite insect jutsu. These insects were initially small. But, if consuming intake chakra in large numbers, these insects are rapidly developing and begin to become parasites by eating their host's meat.

This trait, on the one hand, is effective for destroying enemies, but on the other hand can be very disturbing in the user's own body. Shino Aburame is known to have used this technique.

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