Asta Saws the Power of the King Wizard!

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Discussion Black Clover This 26th episode may contain spoiler for the unseen. (But for those who have read the manga it's certainly seen the events below). So if you're actually still looking for your own episode, you're mistaking the article.

But if you are already watching and want to remember certain details, or do not care spoiler please read the reviews below!



Asta Can Give Resistance Despite Beating



Black Clover episode 25 ends with Asta besieged. It was not just Rades and Valtos that he had to deal with, the two criminal colleagues showed themselves. Meanwhile the Magic Knights are still not back.


Fortunately, Asta still has his anti-magic sword. Maybe he can not give a significant attack to his enemies, but at least he can still survive. Especially after Leopold and Noelle also involved themselves.

The problem is yes, basically Asta, Leopold, and Noelle still face enemies that are above their level. Their resistance can be handled.



Good News and Bad News



Good news: the Magic Knight that had been teleported finally returned in Black Clover episode 26! Different groups that have a fierce rivalry between each other have finally decided to unite forces, until they can return to the capital much faster than Valtos estimates.

Of course these elite Magic Knights can then overcome resistance from the Eye of the Midnight Sun and turn back to their urges.

The bad news?

Sally, the crazy wizard girl from Eye of the Midnight Sun, successfully protects herself from Nozel's magic attacks. Already so, Asta was abducted them.

This is a serious problem because the direction of their departure can not be detected. Will need special resources to be able to track them, and Nozel prefers to use the power of the magicians to strengthen the capital that has just suffered an attack.

It may sound annoying, but Nozel's assessment makes sense.

So how about Asta's fate? Will he be saved by Black Bull? Or maybe Noelle, Yuno, and Charmy? It turns out that helped him more … cool than that.

Continued discussion Black Clover episode 26 can you read on the second page!

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