Apparently Vegeta Understands Ultra Instinct! Can He Activate It?


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<h4> <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 116 shows that Vegeta understands Ultra Instinct. Is he able to catch up with Goku? Or will he be defeated? </h4>
<p> Ultra Instinct is still a hot topic. Especially since episode 115, where Goku finally able to activate it himself. He also seems to begin to understand how to use them, although there are still fatal weaknesses in this technique. </p>
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But who would have thought if it turns out there is a Goku rival who seems to have understood the secret behind this technique? Yep, as can be seen in the picture above, Vegeta understands Ultra Instinct. He immediately thought of Whis's advice that he and Goku had received first.

On the one hand, it seems Vegeta is superior to Goku. Goku has so far used Ultra Instinct but still does not seem to associate his new strength with Whis teaching. Meanwhile Vegeta immediately thought of Whis's advice.

On the other hand, Vegeta understands Ultra Instinct does not necessarily guarantee he can use it as well. Why all right? The reason is, compared to Goku, Vegeta is much more thoughtful when fighting. His obstacle to mastering this technique is greater than Goku.

Even so, Vegeta should be just one step away from his rival. Because yes only he other than Goku who managed to reach the Blue level.

Vegeta Potentially So Unexpected Hero?

Vegeta understands this Ultra Instinct evokes very interesting possibilities.

The loyal audience Dragon Ball Super may sense also that so far Vegeta is actually more heroic than Goku. Before the tournament, he had insisted on waiting for Bulma to give birth to a new battle.

Then once the tournament begins, he who swears to Cabba to save Universe 6 when the universe is destroyed. (Given what happened to Kefla, it seems he will be the last hope of the universe). He also performed heroic acts such as rescuing Master Roshi.

Even so, the likelihood of Vegeta to win was small. Even Toppo alone had satirized Vegeta's status as the number two person at Universe 7.

But … Vegeta's body condition is now much better than Goku. Ultra Instinct absorbs a lot of energy, and Goku has used it twice so far. Either he can survive until Jiren subdued or not.

If Vegeta can activate Ultra Instinct, he will eventually reply Toppo's outburst and show himself to be strong. His more excellent condition allowed him to fight longer against Jiren. He can also fulfill the promise he has made to Cabba.

The problem is: can Vegeta indeed activate Ultra Instinct? Understanding the power base is different from actually using it.

If he can, do not be surprised if after the tournament ends Vegeta will be appointed candidate for replacement Beerus. As ever discuss, Vegeta is the most suitable in terms of nature to be the God of Destruction. Mastering Ultra Instinct will confirm its position.

How do you think? Will Vegeta master Ultra Instinct? Or would he be embarrassed again, as he had done so many times before? Convey in the comment field!


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