Apparently This Lho Reasons Why Pikachu Not Enter Pokeball!


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<h4> Over twenty years the Pokemon franchise has accompanied us all. But, have you ever wondered why Pikachu did not enter <em> pokeball? </em> </h4>
<p> Since its creation by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, Pokemon has been pushed into various entertainment mediums. Starting from the game, Pokemon is in the form of anime, manga, film, even <em> board game </em> Monopoly. </p>
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In trailer newest movie The Movie: I Choose You! which will air on 29 November, there is a snippet of scenes Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Ash asked why Pikachu did not want to go inside pokeball and was instead rejected outright

Why did Pikachu not enter pokeball ?

Together with Togepi, Pikachu is always carried around by Ash and his group exploring region Kanto. We know that almost all Pokemon were domesticated by trainers by putting them into pokeball . This is also the first draft that Satoshi coined: capture the Pokemon.

In the first Pokemon anime series, his mother Ash asks why Pikachu is still loitering freely, instead of entering into pokeball . However, when Ash was about to arrest him, Pikachu refused and returned the pokeball thrown.

So, it can be deduced why Pikachu did not enter pokeball is because he did not like it.

Anyway, that's it? Nope.

A number of Pokemon fans from around the world have taken it seriously. And honestly, as children first, I do not really take a thought with the issue. However, these outstanding theories are too attractive to ignore.

There are two great theories. The first theory is expressed ferrishthefish in subreddit Pokemonconspiracies . This theory says Pikachu does not enter pokeball because Pikachu is not a pokemon of Ash catchment. In the first episode of the anime Pokemon earlier, Ash is told to receive pokemon starter from Professor Oak.

However due to late waking, the three pokemon starter Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander were already taken trainers who arrived early. Ash sad really, then begged at Prof. Oak to give him pokemon. The Pokemon is Pikachu and Prof. Oak reminds that this pokemon is too difficult to tame trailer beginner.

Pokémon GO

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One of Pokemon's rules is that other trainers can use your pokemon to fight without losing possession. So, since Ash has Pikachu, it does not mean he has it.

Ferrishthefish added another trainer using pokeball himself to capture pokemon starter which was given Prof. Oak. That is why in that episode, three pokeball former pokemon starter is empty.

This means two things: First, all the pokemon of the trainer can only be used with pokeball registered on behalf of trainer otherwise . Oak could have just given pokeball containing pokemon starter instantly. Secondly, the trainer was then captured pokemon starter after Prof. Oak took it off.

Well, on that basis, Ash never catches Pikachu with his pokeball himself. The only pokeball used to capture Pikachu is pokeball with a lightning sign registered on behalf of Oak. Oak never took off Pikachu, and this means Pikachu could never be captured by another pokeball .

So, although Pikachu always accompanies Ash, he is not his pokemon.

The second theory is a theory that has long been in circulation. This theory says that Pikachu is actually Red's pokemon. Red This is the main character of the Pokemon Red and Blue game, so sort of alternate universe for the Ash of the anime. Red is a champion after defeating the Elite Four.

But due to one and a few other things unknown, Pikachu's Red is transferred to Prof. Oak. So, the reason why Pikachu refused entry pokeball Ash is because Pikachu felt himself too strong to be ruled by Ash. In addition, Pikachu has been accustomed to accompanying the experienced Red.

Red and Blue.

This theory can also be disproved by saying universe Pokemon games and anime are not in line. In addition, if Pikachu is already a high level, why lose to Spearrow pokemon attacks that incidentally type flying in the second episode?

Both theories actually have logic holes that pretty much. However, these theories naturally created because there is no official answer to the question. After all, who is not curious?

Movies Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You later rumored to be explaining the answer to the question why Pikachu did not enter pokeball . So, let's just wait.

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