Apparently These 14 Most Popular Reasons Cause Anime Isekai's Character to Another World!


Frequent watching anime isekai ? Surely you know dong 14 reasons that cause the anime character isekai goes straight into the fantasy world.

For you anime lovers, surely know by a genre in an anime named isekai or in its literal meaning ie another world. Anime isekai itself is on the rise lately because after the success of the anime fantasy isekai sorts Sword Art Online, Log Horizon and also Re : Zero who always struggles into war waifu .

Anime isekai itself must have its own fanatics always faithful to see the works of the anime isekai or light novel smelling isekai . There is one fan in Japan that we can say a little diligent and a lot of time to make a list of causes why anime isekai can move to another world.

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A fan of the story isekai makes a list of the causes why an anime isekai can move to another world by collecting as many stories from isekai and the results are quite surprising . But for the fans isekai actually the causes that are on this list are quite obvious .

Here are 14 major causes why the characters in the anime isekai can move to another world.

  1. Unclear (102 works)
  2. Traffic accidents (38 works)
  3. Traffic accidents by truck (37 works)
  4. Murder (31 works)
  5. Disease (24 works)
  6. Accident (16 works)
  7. Death from work fatigue (14 works)
  8. Fighting (8 works)
  9. Choosing To Reincarnate (7 works)
  10. Explosion (5 works)
  11. Old age (5 works)
  12. Lightning (5 works)
  13. The Will of God (5 works)
  14. Train accidents (4 works)

In addition to the big fourteen there are causes of characters in the anime isekai can move to another world such as exposed beams of steel, executed, mochi (okay, this is a bit strange), terrorist attacks , suicide, dragons, airplane crashes, and falling from the ladder that became the main cause.

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All of these causes can be found in two or three works containing elements isekai .

There is another cause of the characters in the anime isekai can move around the world and can be found in a single work such as a book, a hero's curse, fire, ritual, hunger, experiment, meteor, blasting furnace, vomiting during sleep, (19459005) amezaiku (Japanese sugar art figures), slipped on a mountain climb, fell off a ferry, fell from a bridge, collided with people committing suicide, gas, natural disaster, telephone poles, the failure of life-support systems, falls to the roads of bicycles, bananas, trucks tankers in class, kitchen knives, drowned in rivers, submerged in the sea, vending machines, and avalanche.

Ah, but the most famous of all must be traffic accidents by trucks that we often call truck-kun which is indeed the culprit of all.


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