Apparently the Mothers! This He Is The Voice Of Naruto Indonesia


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<h4> As a big fan of the anime series <em> Naruto </em>do you know who <em> dubber </em> or voice <em> Naruto </em> Indonesia? If you do not know yet, let's get acquainted with the figure of Hana Bahagiana. </h4>
<p> Who would have thought, if the usual sound you hear from Naruto's character turns out to be from a 46 year old mother. Hana Bahagiana is a figure who has for years been a voice <em> Naruto </em> Indonesia which aired on Global TV. </p>
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Hana's career as a voice begins from the mid-1990s. It was then that he followed casting to become dubber a telenovela show. That first experience that made him fall in love with the world dubber.

The journey of Hana as dubber grew when he met the late Daryono who ran the studio Yori Yoga Argayoen. Unlike other voice actors who have to audition, Hana was even offered a position to fill the sound animation by Daryono. "I've always been given roles, usually have casting, but I have always been appointed," Hana said as quoted by Antaranews.

Hana has since become accustomed to filling in popular anime characters. In addition to being well known through Naruto's distinctive sound, several anime characters voiced by Hana are Koujiro Hyuga ( Captain Tsubasa ), Monkey D. Luffy ( One Piece ), Pisuke ( Dr. Slump ), Kemumaki ( Ninja Hatori ), and Makibao (Makibao). Of the many characters he has played, Luffy's loud and loud voice is Hana's favorite.

The ability to process various sounds for each character is certainly not easy. Though self-taught, Hana tells us that there are techniques that must be mastered dubber in order to have a distinctive voice.

Hana used to always practice vocal every morning while working on a project dubbing. This exercise does not vary much with a professional singer, where he trains breathing and facial exercises so that the muscles in his face become supple.

Although the anime show has now begun to be replaced by soap operas, Hana still hopes that the show on television will be more varied and not fixated on one type of spectacle, so that the animated film will again be a prima donna in Indonesian television

Well now you know who the voice of Naruto Indonesia. Do you become interested in profession as dubber?


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