Apparently Almost All Shizuma Group is Poor!


No wonder Shizuma desperately needs Kagura. Boruto episode 30 proves that Shizuma's group consisted only of ABG pretentious!

Of course the discussion Boruto episode 30 contains spoiler . So if you have not watched and do not want to get leaked, it is recommended to think about it before continuing reading.

For those who have been watching and do not want to miss details in the episode, or do not mind leaks, please continue reading.



Chojuro Indeed Restraining

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Loyal readers may recall that the author suspects a duel with Shizuma's group of seven against seven. But it was not quite right. For now, Inojin and Shikadai have decided not to participate.

They are also unnecessary, since Chojuro proves that he deliberately restrained himself.

Beaten three-on-one, Chojuro breaks away from the entanglement by relying on his enemy's attack. Then, he defeated his two enemies with only a broken sword. He even intentionally did not kill Hassaku Onomichi. This proves that the only reason Chojuro could be paralyzed by this ABG collection is simply because he is holding back.

As he turns things around, Chojuro says to Hebiichigo, "If you are not ready your body is cut off, you will not be able to cut the bone."

The words represent the views of Chojuro to his enemy. In the end, the three people who gang up on Chojuro proved themselves merely amateurs with sophisticated weapons. Most of them do not even have enough mental to hold a common sword. Moreover, the sword of Kirigakure heritage.

Hebiichigo, in particular, resembles real-world children who feel good about their hobby of seeing MMA videos, then beaten by real athletes so desperately stepping on the ring.


Yep, Shizuma Followers Other than Kagura and Buntan Payah

Ichirota Oniyuzu, the Shibuki holder, is seen as a member of Shizuma's brilliant group. He was seen watching his friends with confidence. Even if they lose, he seems to be ready to beat Chojuro with his new sword.

Then Iwabee appeared and defeated him very quickly.

Oh yes, Iwabee is indeed one of the students with the best taijutsu grades in the Academy. But … just think about what's going on here. One is an Academy boy who even almost lives in class because of the ugly in the lesson. The other is a ninja who, from his age, may have been a genin level. He also holds one of the seven swords of Kirigakure heritage.

Still Ichirota lost.

Kyoho, Hassaku, and Hebiicihigo may have chosen the wrong opponent. The Chojuro level is clearly far above them. But what was Ichirota's defense, which was successfully humiliated by an Academy student? In fact, an academy student can not be called a ninja.

Iwabee is praised for not being afraid of playing dirty in a real fight. He also did not hesitate to make no small talk, immediately cut the enemy's body when the opportunity came. But the Kirigakure ninja who are trying to become Shizuma followers are obviously worse than the best students of Konoha Academy. What a mess.

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