Ao Will Fight Boruto Group With Sophisticated Weapons?!


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<h4> In Manga <em> Boruto </em> 19, the new 7 Team will fight Ao the Byakugan from Kirigakure ?! Not only that, Ao also carry sophisticated firearms? </h4>
<p> First of all, if you have not followed <em> Boruto </em> manga version, the manga story <em> Boruto </em> 19 may later be adapted also into anime. But it will still be quite a while from now. </p>
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So if you do not want to hit spoiler early, it is not advisable to continue reading.

But if you are already following the manga version too or do not care about leaks, you can listen to interesting events in the manga Boruto 19 through the review below.



Who is the Attacker of Konohamaru?

Konohamaru and his partner were attacked in the previous chapter. Yesterday seen from Konohamaru's attacker was his leg. The legs look unnatural, so it is suspected that the attacker is Ao (who lost his leg in the Fourth Shinobi World War) or even Kawaki.

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But it turns out that the perpetrator of the attack was neither Ao nor Kawaki but these above creatures. In essence, they are droid combat that seems to be deployed by chakra. They are able to use the jutsu constantly as long as their machines are not overheated due to excessive energy use.

Droid combat? In Boruto ? Is this Star Wars ? But yeah, if you think the grenade of light and the blade of light in the previous chapter has made up for it, you're going to be all out in this chapter.


Advanced Technologies in Manga Boruto 19

So in manga Boruto 19 these there are creatures that can be regarded as droid combat, as already mentioned above. Jutsu Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki are not effective against them. So the heroes to save them are Katasuke with armor combat.

Yes, you did not misread.

Armor Katasuke's fighter was able to help him to withstand all the Katon no Jutsu which were launched in streak by the mechanical beings who attacked him and Team 7. In the end, it was precisely the droids could be paralyzed one by one by Boruto and his colleagues.

Then where did these droids appear? Katasuke could have guessed it.

To the uninitiated, the manga version Boruto explains that Katasuke's strange attitude in Chunin's exam is due to her under the influence of genjutsu from Kara members. As long as he is in this influence, in addition to being more annoying than it should be, Katasuke's knowledge of ninja technology is also stolen.

Droid-droid facing Boruto here seems to be Kara's defense system to transport their mysterious cargo. So it is ascertained that the shinobi this time will fight the group with sophisticated weaponry.

In fact it was not just power armor and battle droid just advanced technology that appeared in this manga. There is an old character who appears with new weapons!

Who is the figure in question? Read the advanced manga discussion Boruto 19 this on the second page!


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