Anime Preview One Piece 825: Luffy and Sanji Meeting!

Back again in the discussion preview anime One Piece and we've reached the anime One Piece 825. In the previous episode, Luffy does a battle against the Charlotte Counter, and not only that, the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is also against many troops from Big Mom.

On the other hand, Brook was saved by Nami and others. In this episode, it is shown that Brook brought something surprising when caught by Big Mom. What did Brook bring?

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<p> Apparently, he had copied Road Poneglyph owned by Big Mom before fighting against the Yonkou and was defeated. Of course Brook did something really great, because fighting against Big Mom's troops was already troublesome, plus he was able to copy Road Poneglyph quickly before Big Mom came. </p>
<p> Road Poneglyph itself is highly sought after by other Yonkou, as well as Pirates who try to get One Piece, because this inscribed stone will show the location where the last island is; Raftel is located. Of course this Brook service is very valuable to Luffy and members of the Straw Hat pirates. </p>

There was a slight dispute between Luffy and Sanji in One Piece 825. Sanji still wants Luffy and others to go from Big Mom's headquarters, and let Sanji solve his problem. Sanji gives three reasons, first, he does not want his Nakama killed by Big Mom; secondly, the Zeff chef where Sanji grew can be killed by Big Mom if he fights. The third point, Sanji's family, the Vinsmoke family is also in danger, and Sanji can not let them die just like that.

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<p> Here, Luffy gets angry and hits Sanji, then asks Sanji to tell the truth, actually what his heart wants. Sanji also uttered it aloud, that in fact he wanted to return to the Thousand Sunny, reunited with his <em> Nakaman </em>. </p>
<p> Casually, Luffy gives a solution, that they (the members of the Straw Hats) are with Sanji, and they will work together to disrupt the wedding tomorrow. That is <em> preview </em> anime <em> One Piece </em> 825. In the next episode, kemunggkinan be the beginning of the formation of two alliances Supernova! We look forward to the sequel in the next episode. </p>
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