Anime Preview One Piece 809: Luffy Facing Deadly Storm!


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<h4> After being defeated by Sanji, Luffy still has to fight the Deadly Storm sent by Big Mom. Can Luffy deal with it? Listen <em> preview </em> anime <em> One Piece </em> the following 809 episode! </h4>
<p> In previous special episodes, Sanji's fight against Luffy takes place, although the fight is biased because Luffy does not retaliate. These two <em> nakama </em> are fighting for having a different purpose. </p>
<p> Luffy wants to bring Sanji back into the Straw Hat Pirates, while Sanji wants to save everything, including Chief Chef Zeff at Baratie, where Sanji works and lives before joining the Straw Hats. </p>
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Due to the threat of the father, Vinsmoke Judge, of course Sanji's actions are a wise thing to take at that time. Unlike Luffy, he still waits for Sanji at his battleground.

Before meeting Sanji, Luffy has defeated the commander and son of Big Mom, Charlotte Cracker. Big Mom will be very angry if his commanders are defeated, and will send an army of revenge.

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<p> No exception for Luffy, in the anime One Piece episode 809, Luffy will face a storm of revenge from a deadly squabble. Luffy was in a bad condition for fighting for a long time against Cracker, after which it was still beaten up by Sanji. </p>
<p> In <em> preview </em> him, the vengeance forces of Big Mom are heading to Luffy's location, and Big Mom is so angry that a rainstorm appears. Bishop Bobbin, Amande, until Charlotte Opera with his army ready to kill Luffy. </p>
<p> What about Sanji? Currently Sanji attends the Big Mom and Vinsmoke family gatherings, of course, to discuss her marriage to Charlotte Pudding to be held the next day. </p>
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