Anime Pop Team Epic Display Non-Animated Promotional Video?

 Anime Pop Team Epic "title =" Screenshot_1 – Anime Pop Team Epic Display Non-Animated Promotional Video?

The official website of the Epic Pop Team anime uploads a new trailer where there is a promotional video for the anime.

This site uploads the latest 2 videos but there are no animations like the other anime. They also do not upload backsound music that describes the anime but a footage where the fans can not wait for his animation to appear.

This anime will air on January 6, 2018, which starred in two beautiful seiyuu that is Mikako Komatsu as Popuko and Sumire Uesaka as Pipimi.

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Sad, just found out Naruto fitted the working age 🙁
(Left anime screen, right screen of work)
(Continue to watch until coming home)

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