Anime Golden Kamuy Releases A New Visual and 2 Major Seiyuu – Golden Kamuy Anime Releases A New Visual and 2 Major Voices

After the other anime announces the announcement of the release of the sequel and the latest anime adaptation, the anime is also next year getting an anime adaptation as well namely Golden Kamuy by Satoru Noda released a picture of the main character is Saichi Sugimoto the Immortal and Ainu tribe girl, Asirpa.

The two main seiyuu who will play this character are Chikahiro Kobayashi as Sugimoto and Haruka Shiraishi as Asirpa.

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<p> The latest visuals also release and make goosebumps! For nakama-tachi who has not read the manga of the Golden Kamuy and do not yet know his story, his manga will tell the story of an immortal, Sugimoto, a war veteran who travels to the Hokkaido plateau and by chance he gets information that there will be Ainu the latent. Meet a very smart young girl, Asirpa, Sugimoto get the latest and exciting adventure! </p>
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