Android 16 Has a Story That Can Make You a Baper!


We already know how to background Android 17 and 18. But what about the past of Android 16? The story may be making you a baper!

There are many reasons why the manga Dragon Ball can be regarded as one of the best manga in history. Super fast and cool fight, simple but fun and interesting plot of the story, and a secret spice.

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However, speaking of the plot of a simple story, do you know that despite its simple story without much flashback and drama, Dragon Ball has characters with backstory which is quite touching-especially Android 16?

Dragon Ball Q & A from the colored manga series Dragon Ball Full Color Androids / Cell Saga Volume 1 released in 2014, there is some interesting information. The information tells about the backstory or the past of any Android that had not been told in the manga.

Well, for the past Android 17 and 18 alone we already know enough. Then, what about Android 16? This great figure is very mysterious and even called the creation of Dr. Gero that failed. In addition, he also has a very different nature to Android 17 and 18 at that time.

Akira Toriyama also tells the story behind the making of Android 16 that might make you baper. Here's the story from Akira Toriyama:

" Dr. The long-dead gero was used for the basic model of Android 16's appearance. He was a high-ranking soldier in the Red Ribbon Army but was shot dead by enemies.

"Android 16 has been regarded as his own by Dr. Gero, and despite providing a huge arsenal and power on Android 16, but Dr. Gero does not want to see him lose and be destroyed in the battlefield. In addition, he also provides a merciful nature on this Android. This one creation is considered by Dr. Gero as a failed creation. "

Toriyama also added comments beyond the balloon dialogue:

" Is the reason why Dr. Gero does not want to activate Android 16 is because it does not want to see his son die for a second time? "

The illustration of the Android itself is taken from one of the panels after Android 17 and 18 against Vegeta, Piccolo, et al. At that time, he said that the bouts of Android 17 and 18 were too noisy to scare the birds. This really illustrates that he has a subtle nature and loves nature.

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Although Dr. Gero is an evil character, and we do not know how the nature of his deceased son (although there are indications that his nature is similar to Android 16), surely we feel little sympathy for villain this one- especially on the Android.

Not to mention, Android 16 meritorious in advising Gohan against Cell. He said that it would not hurt to get angry and fight in order to protect something important. Shortly before he was destroyed by Cell, he also briefly told Gohan to protect the nature he loved .

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