Although Never Seek a Living, But Goku is a Good Dad and Husband, You Know!

Apparently, the "bad" father's label is often attached to Goku. Starting from not wanting to work for the family and prefer to practice to send Gohan to fight against Cell. But actually, Goku is a good father and husband, you know!

Speaking of Gohan and Cell battles, Goku hopes Gohan can bring out his true anger and strength. However, it endangers Goku et al, because-in keeping with Piccolo's long-standing explanation and getting to know Gohan-Gohan is not someone who likes to fight and is more peaceful. Therefore, it is very difficult to get angry until finally Android 16 is destroyed by Cell.

This proves that Goku is still less close to Gohan when compared to the proximity of Gohan and Piccolo. Of course, it is also not Goku's fault because of his previous circumstances forcing him to sacrifice himself against Raditz and Piccolo bringing Gohan to practice.

The figure of Goku as a bad father is further exacerbated by the appearance of Dragon Ball Super . In the series, Goku is often described as a fighting enthusiast who always tries to escape his work. Not to mention, Goku was also created as a jokes character or a multiplication material in most of the series-the same thing also happened to Vegeta.

(This also makes a lot of fans love the figure cool Goku while getting Ultra Instinct)

Some time ago, I re-read manga Dragon Ball original made by Akira Toriyama itself from since Raditz appeared until Kid Buu Saga . I also found that the development and presentation of Goku's character is much better in the manga Dragon Ball . It is very different from its appearance in Dragon Ball Super which was only given power up .

In the manga Dragon Ball also, it is shown that Goku is actually a good father and husband. There are several moments that show it. Here are some of the moments I found in the original Dragon Ball manga and prove that it's not just Vegeta, but Goku is a good father and husband.

Gentle Protecting Gohan

Gohan made his debut in Saiyan Saga . First appeared, Gohan as a four-year-old boy who was polite and shy. At that time, he was invited to Master Roshi's house and introduced to Master Roshi, Bulma, and Kuririn. It was during this gathering, Raditz appeared, beat up Goku, and kidnapped Gohan.

When his son was kidnapped, Goku was shown forcing himself to rise despite being still injured. He repeatedly shouted Kintoun in panic. This proves that Goku is really worried about his own son. Until the end, came Piccolo.

Piccolo who was still an "enemy" and "bad guy" also volunteered to work with Goku to fight Raditz. Seeing the enormous power difference, not to mention his son's life as well as all the people on Earth is in danger, Goku also agrees to fight alongside Piccolo.

When meeting Raditz, Goku's first question was his son's situation. He also calms Gohan and promises to save him. Truly a good father!

Continue to page 2 for other moments in the manga Dragon Ball which proves that Goku is a Father and a Good Husband!

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