Already Near End, Here's The Strongest Ball Ball Rankings!


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Universal Survival saga is nearing its end. It is now felt that mortal level does not show the strength of the fighters. So, in the end, which are the strongest universes Dragon Ball Super ? Let's see!

Of course, the four universes with the highest mortal levels (Universe 1, Universe 12, Universe 5, and Universe 8) have not yet entered this list. Even if the fighters from each of the universe are displayed, the writers feel they will be in action in the series after Super .

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Eight universes whose fighter is shown are Universe 11, Universe 10, Universe 9, Universe 7, Universe 6, Universe 4, Universe 3, and Universe 2. Currently, they are all already exerting all their strength and combat power. Well, let's value whichever strongest universe Dragon Ball Super !


Universe 10 (Ranking Mortal Level: 8)

Gowasu, who has just been dizzy from Zamasu, is really sorry for facing the Tournament of Power.

In the end, of all the Universe 10 fighters, only Obuni are presented tough. Their captain, Murichim, can even be eliminated very easily. Gowasu seems to have realized this team will not help him, seeing his limp reaction when they first appeared.

In the end, when the Universe 10 is destroyed, Gowasu also accepts sincerely the annihilation of his kingdom.


Universe 9 (Mortal Rank Level: 12)

So … yeah … right. In addition to having the lowest mortal level Universe 9 also feels as one of the weakest universes of the eight universes that competes in the Tournament of Power.

In short, Ro as Supreme Kai as well as Shidra as God of Destruction are completely incompetent in dealing with their own universe. In effect, when they had to collect fighters, Shidra and Ro initially found it difficult to find anyone other than Trio De Dangers.

Not menghernakan finally this perfunctory team does not give a meaningful impression when competing in the Tournament of Power. They were even successfully eliminated at the start of the tournament!

What makes Universe 9 higher than Universe 10 in the strongest universe rankings Dragon Ball Super is one: the mainstay of Universe 9, Trio De Dangers, is more tough. Unlike Murichim of Universe 10, which is featured as a captain but the process of defeat is not even shown.


Universe 4 (Mortal Rank Level: 9)

Before beginning the tournament, Quitella appears to have a plan to ensure his victory. He also still looks calm, although one by one fighter was knocked out. (Including Gannos, who appears to be the captain of the universe).

But in the end it was revealed that Quitella's self-confidence was indeed excessive. Their ace (Damon and Gamisara) may have made a surprise, but they can be resolved. At least Damon had to get rid of Piccolo before it was issued. But if this duo tries to deal with Toppo and Jiren, they will definitely lose too.

From the beginning, Universe 4 will not be able to win this tournament.

But at least compared to the previous two universes, Universe 4 still has a better potential. If Roshi had not dealt with Gannos and the other fighters, maybe they could have scored more elimination.

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Well, that's the worst universe. The middle board of the strongest universe rank Dragon Ball Super can you check on the second page!


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