All Straw Hats Involved Battle of Marineford?


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For the One Piece hape game, Treasure Cruise still has the highest rating for now! Let's collect the characters of One Piece in this game!

The battle of Marineford is the greatest war shown in One Piece so far. One Yonko fleet battled all the Navy-owned bouncers. The end result of that war changed the world One Piece .

Uniquely, Luffy was involved in the Battle of Marineford without the help of any Straw Hats. This is because Kuma previously flew the Straw Hat crew to locations where they could become stronger. It seems that Kuma himself wants Luffy to practice Haki with the Kuja tribe instead of directly engaging Marineford.

But for the discussion this time, let us suppose this: all the Straw Hat groups, in some way, can come together. They both went to Impel Down, escaped, then got together at the Battle of Marineford. What will happen?



Will Not Have Many Impact



Simply put this way: the Straw Hats will have no effect on the war.

Perhaps Sanji and Zoro can cut many Navy. Maybe Nami could shock other naval soldiers, while Franky, Brook, Usopp, and Chopper helped Luffy in their own way.


But all the Navy parties involved at the time were much stronger than the members of the Straw Hats.

Suppose this: the author feels you already know Doflamingo's full power. This one man can only be defeated when Luffy deploys Gear 4, which he certainly does not have at the Battle of Marineford. In addition there are also Sentoumaru, Pacifista troops, and three admirals.

Well, if the Straw Hats before timeskip were told against such enemies, they would be helpless. Just look what happened to them at Sabaody.


In the end, the Straw Hats before timeskip can only become cheerleaders against such enemies. Ace will still die, while Whitebeard will still die.

Even perhaps the dead are not just Ace and Whitebeard alone when the whole Straw Hats go to Marineford. You will see the death of one of Luffy's crew.

How come? Continue discussing what happens when all the Straw Hats join the Marineford Battle you can read on the second page!

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