All Moving to Cacao Island


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<h4> All those who can still fight start moving to Cacao Island in <em> One Piece </em> 882. Including one side you would not expect. </h4>
<p> Discussion <em> One Piece </em> This 882 clearly contains <em> spoilers </em>especially for those of you who are purely watching only an anime versions. If you do not want to get a leak, it is expected to think twice before continuing the review. </p>
<p> For those who have read and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or do not mind the <em> spoiler </em>let's see how the continuation of Luffy's adventures at the end of Whole Cake Island's groove. </p>
<h4 style= SPOILER ALERT !!!


Sai's Adventure Has Ended, Ideo Turn

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Ultimately, Don Sai can marry Baby 5 without any problems. He was beaten to black by Uholicia, but it seems the matchmakers feel it is enough. Now, Sai has a more beautiful partner and harmonious with her. He also did not end his cover story by making trouble against Yonko, as did Bartolomeo.

Sai is over, now we turn to Ideo. Ideo is shown sailing with a ship of Orlombus. But apparently he encountered a problem.

Since the sequence of the cover story is still traced, after the ideo story ends you seem to be seeing the three remaining leaders: Leo, Hajrudin, and Orlombus.


Mochi Mochi no Mi Has Achieved Awakening

Given the power of the Katakuri, you may not be surprised if Mochi Mochi no Mi has reached the stage Awakening .

Apparently this is also another reason Eiichiro Oda changed the Logia Devil Fruit type with Paramecia because Awakening is indeed more synonymous with Paramecia. Particularly because the first to show it is Doflamingo which users Ito Ito no Mi .

Awakening from Mochi Mochi no Mi also increasingly confirms what this skill can do. In fact, Devil Fruit affects the organs of its users. Awakening allows the user to influence their natural surroundings with their fruit property. For Luffy, he will be able to change the floor, walls, and everything he reaches into rubber.

Unfortunately, until One Piece this 882 he can not yet do that.

Of course that's not the interesting thing that happened this chapter. Continued discussion One Piece 882 can you read on the second page.


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