All About Weird! 5 Anime with Unique Animation Banget!

For a variety of famous anime with identical production and image styles, there are a small number of titles of which have an unusual style and are still regarded as Anime!

Through these various unusual animation styles that separate anime as its own medium! Find out what anime has got this criteria from comedy to horror through the five titles below!

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<p> Pop Team Epic is a compilation of short humors from various people, with various styles of animation! </p>
<p> Not stopping at the three-dimensional animation, they also brought <em> stop-motion </em><em> pixel art </em>until a more surreal adaptation in the work of Ookawa Bukubu comic artist whose contents are surreal! </p>
<p> This madness is certainly accommodated by the sole producer of the anime, Kotaro Sudo and King Records. Even to stick humor into the audience, likes and dislikes! </p>
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Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Takei)



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<p> Tatami Galaxy is the work of director Masaaki Yuasa who experimented with movement and various unusual camera angles! </p>
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Raised from a novel by Tomohiko Morimi, this unusual drama of campus and perogicalism becomes extraordinarily absurd through Yuasa's direction which makes it even more bizarre for bin to become confused over time!

Is there an even more strange anime title from the one above? Find the answer on the next page!

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