Akira Toriyama Tell The Unique Story Behind The Name Kamehameha!


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<h4 style= How is the story behind the creation of this iconic stance belonging to Goku named Kamehameha? This is the story of the creator, Akira Toriyama!

What is the stance or technique in [DragonBall which do you remember most? Most of you will certainly answer " Kamehameha ". Yes, this one is so iconic used by Goku et al, besides, there are also various types Kamehameha during the Dragon Ball serial takes place. But where does this name really come from?

In an interview with Akira Toriyama incorporated into guidebook titled Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume the creator explains how he got the idea to create this very iconic stance . Here is the story of the mangaka:

" For Kamehameha, I think if I can display the 'ki' energy, which is not visible to the eye, in boy magazines. When no one around me, I tried a variety of poses, and decided on one that looked cool-which I ended up wearing in the manga.

For Kamehameha's own name, I think of a name that fits the phrase 'something-something-Ha!', When my wife replied with a joke, "Kamehameha sounds good, does not it?" So I too use it. Of course, the name was taken from King Kamehameha of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

I have often been asked whether I am looking for martial arts references for techniques and pose styles; though I've seen a lot of Kung-Fu movies, to his surprise, I'm not really interested in martial arts myself. "

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<figcaption class= King Kamehameha, king of Hawaii

So, that is, the origin of this name came from the leader of the Hawaiian kingdom in 1810 named King Kamehameha. Interestingly, the division of the king's name is not Kamehame-Ha but Ka-mehameha. "Ka" in Hawaiian means "somebody" while " mehameha " means "loneliness", if combined into "someone who is lonely."


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Well, it turns out the origin of this stance is not so disconnected with its stance and usage. But to be suitable or not, we can not deny that this Goku mainstay technique is one of the most popular moments of all time in the world of animanga.

Hayo confessed, who used to mimic this pose while shouting his name?

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