Akira Toriyama Supports Toyotaro to Create Her Super Dragon Manga "Alone"!


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<h4 style= Old fans must have felt that the Dragon Ball Super now does not feel like the original Dragon Ball . This is because Toriyama wants Toyotaro to make manga Dragon Ball Super according to his style alone!

If you are loyal reader Dragon Ball, surely you are happy with the continuation of the series into Dragon Ball Super . Nevertheless, you must feel that the manga Dragon Ball Super (and also its anime) has feel which is quite different from Dragon Ball made by Akira Toriyama-both in terms of pictures and stories.

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Of course, this is because the manga Dragon Ball Super was done by Toyotaro instead of Toriyama. Toriyama himself is only doing the part of his story. Yes, it feels so even if you compare it with Borhor . Manga Boruto is done by Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto. However, the manga of Boruto still feels strongly Naruto -of course, it is because Kishimoto oversaw very strictly the work of the manga.

So why is manga Dragon Ball Super feels different from Dragon Ball made by Akira Toriyama first? This is because Toriyama wants Toyotaro to develop the manga Dragon Ball Super himself.

This was pronounced by Toriyama himself on an interview which was attached in the manga Dragon Ball Super volume 4. At that time they were talking about Future Trunks arc and Zamasu. On one occasion, Toyotaro says that he has incorporated his own ideas into the draft that Toriyama has made. He also added that he is still not convinced that his idea is good.

Toriyama also chimed:

" No, better so (the ideas you put into the Future Trunks arc)! I think it's better if I let you as an author shine rather than follow the footsteps I've made. It would be unbalanced if the Super Dragon Ball uses only my ideas, so I guess it's better that "

In the same occasion, interviewer stated that Super Saiyan God Vegeta only appeared in the manga Dragon Ball Super . This is also the idea of ​​Toyotaro, which is commented on by Toriyama:

"I'm watching that. I remember * laughing *. It's nice to see more ideas emerge from Toyotaro-sensei. "

Yes, Toriyama seems to fully support how Toyotaro developed the manga Dragon Ball Super according to his style . Toyotaro himself says that he will keep this manga as close as possible to his original because he wants to be the number one fan Dragon Ball .

Even so, it does not mean Toriyama does not have some 'criticism' against Toyotaro. What is it?

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