Akira Toriyama Explains the Division of the Saiya Nation Brawler Class


 The class division of the brawlers of the saiya "width =" 800 "height =" 451 "/> Goku and his family belong to the lower class fighter and there are only two elite class fighters in the Saiya nation This is the explanation of the class division of the nation's brawlers Saiya by Akira Toriyama! </h4>
<p style= The Saiya nation is one of the most unique species in the world Dragon Ball . These fighter nations have many abilities and transformations-but unfortunately, the original Saiya must perish in the hands of Frieza (except Goku and Vegeta). Although it has long been destroyed, but many interesting things that can be kidnapped from this nation, one of them is: the division class of Saiya warriors!

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In the Dragon Ball Goku is often referred to as a low class fighter by Vegeta. Vegeta himself calls himself an elite class fighter. Well, this certainly makes us wonder: actually how the hell is the class division Saiya fighters?

In a joint interview with Naho Ooishi (a manga illustrator who worked on some illustrations Dragon Ball ), Akira Toriyama explains how the Saiya class of fighters classified after questioning how strongly Bardock-Son Goku's father actually was.

" To be honest, I did not think about it too much, but Bardock is a low-class fighter. Nevertheless, almost the entire nation of Saiya is a low-class fighter, then there are about 10 middle class fighter. Lastly, there is an elite class fighter, and only two: King Vegeta and the prince of Vegeta.

Bardock is still ranked in a low class, but he has never been a middle class fighter.

The class division of this Saiya fighter is based on the strength of the basic fight, but naturally, if their strength increases, they can be promoted to a higher class.


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<p style= In addition to explaining the class division of the Saiya fighter, Toriyama also explains how the Bardock family structure. The creator explains that the Bardock family consists of four family members: Bardock, Gine, Raditz, and Kakarot. Uniquely, he mentioned that the four members of the family never gathered together.

Toriyama mentions that Bardock may have siblings, but Bardock does not really care because the concept of the Saiya "family" itself does not resemble the concept of the earth "family".

Well, though Goku belongs to a low-class fighter, but as the story goes he can have powers that go beyond Vegeta. With great hard work, Goku became one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball series -a classic story in the Shonen manga that we still love today.

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