Akihabara Hygiene Community Held Clean-Clean Events in Otaku Holy Land

gogoanimestv.com – Akihabara Hygiene Community Held Clean-Clean Events at Otaku Holy Land

Just yesterday it was reported that some Cosplayer staged a clean-up at Ikebukuro too. This time Akihabara got this chance. Due to the Holy Land for the Otaku in Japan more and more visitors, it means this place is also a lot of garbage that accumulate.

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<p> Every year, during these ten years, there is a clean-up event where the event is held by Akihabara Cleaning Community, a social organization of surrounding communities, community vendors and community leaders who took part in the event. </p>
<p> Tokyo itself has been awarded as well as a reputation as the cleanest city but in the corner of the city there is still garbage in the form of cigarette butts and so on. Especially when at Akhihabara station, many people are still indifferent with the garbage. Well, therefore, the community is trying to get Tokyo to be very clean. With the help of this community, netted cosplayers, maids and some other communities to clean up the city. For the people who have joined this event, they get chocolate as an appreciation to have followed this event. </p>
<p> Well, when will Indonesia be able to implement this event in big cities> <Get also more interesting info about your favorite Anime and Manga News only at <strong> gogoanimestv.com </strong> </p>
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