Akame ga Kill Manga Continue! How is Tatsumi and Mine Fate?


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<h4 style= After long ends, finally manga Akame ga Kill resumed! Like what life of the main character, Tatsumi who has become a dragon with his wife, Mine?

Manga Akame ga Kill Takahiro's essay and drawn by Tetsuya Tashiro is indeed long over. This story ends with the victory of the rebel army, and the defeat of the central kingdom reinforced by Esdeath.

At the end of the story, Tatsumi the main character who wears an Incursio armor undergoes a change in his body, and is united with the armor in which there is still the flesh of the Tyrant monster.

After this manga ends, the story of each character is not very explained, but all of you who love this manga, be prepared because the manga Akame ga Kill continues, and now it's telling about the epilogue, where there are characters – important characters there, anyone?


Wave and Kurome

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<p style= After the final battle, Wave and Kurome live happily together. Both were unmarried, but had already expressed their feelings to each other, and the Wave promised to always take care of Kurome.

Wave and Kurome are on holiday together at a secret hot spring inn. In the first scene of this epilogue, Kurome again remembers two people who had contact with him, Esdeath and Senryu from the Jaegers team.

Of course both are dead, and that's just Kurome's memory. He also suffered a shock due to combat, and was always haunted by the shadow of the victim he killed. Wave always awaken and accompany him.

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Seeing this, it's a bit sad indeed. Kurome was once a bad person, a cold-blooded killer, and certainly would not hesitate to slaughter anyone with sadism.

At present different, he wants to be better thanks to the Wave, but the trauma and guilt of his actions in the past still continues to overshadow Kurome.

The relationship between Wave and Kurome also seems to be more intimate. Wave is a good cook, but he always uses marine ingredients as his trademark. His cuisine is much influenced by the Bols who are now also dead.

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<p style= Kurome himself seems to be used to seafood, due to Wave who always serve the cuisine with this special ingredient to his lover. Wave certainly want Kurome to be healthier, especially since Kurome more often eat sweet snacks before. Fortunately Kurome accepted his lover's cooking.

Kurome is also getting closer to the Wave, and seems to have no more trustworthies around him than the Wave (and his own brother, Akame).

What about Tatsumi and Mine? Are they living happily now? Check the next page.


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