Agree Not? Comic Lieur Naruto and Ninja World It Make Loo!


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<h4> Comics Lieur Naruto displays Naruto's world in Lieur Comic antics. </h4>
<p> Comic Lieur is a comic made by Agus Hendiansyah. The Lieur comic basically refers to the word <em> lieur. Lieur </em> in Sundanese means being dizzy, headache, or madman there can also be called <em> lieur, </em> the connotation is more to dizziness or uncertainty. </p>
<p> Lieur own comics each character has a thing "Lieur" which represents different things, such as Aki Bagja whose behavior Lieur, and others. Well this comic is a combination of Lieur characters. And one of the Lieur figures who ever appeared was Comic Lieur Naruto. </p>
<p> Naruto's comic Lieur is certainly telling things <em> lieur </em> but uses the characters of Naruto or other ninja. It seems that Kang Agus is also a fan <em> Naruto </em> because on Naruto's Lieur Comics he can connect Lieur things with the world <em> Naruto. </em> </p>
<p> Some of the Lieur Comics that refer to the world <em> Naruto </em> among others are: </p>
<p> <b> The Ninja Way </b> </p>
<p> <img class= As we know, one characteristic of Naruto is the existence of a "Ninja way", where the Naruto Ninja path is "I will not retract my words, therefore ] ninjaku ". But it seems here the meaning is different, because it turns out Naruto and Sasuke different roads, different goals.

Kicking Disappear

One of the moves in Naruto is the stance of disappearing. Unfortunately this time Sakura who hit the stance disappeared from Sasuke. Yet again Sakura unfortunately tuh …

Kicking Disappear 2

Again Sasuke stops disappearing. This time Naruto wants to collect the debt to Sasuke. But immediately Sasuke disappeared. Then how Naruto can pay rented


One of Naruto's hard endeavors is to desperately bring Sasuke back to Konoha again. Even in the final battle, their power struggle causes them to lose their hands.

Apparently the reason Naruto is referring to a hadith:

Will not enter the heaven of the deciding (brotherhood). [HR. al-Bukhâri dan Muslim, dari Jubair bin Muth’im]

But yes, that's according to Comics Lieur hell …

In addition to comics about Naruto, Comic Lieur also discusses the world of ninja, among them are:

The stool



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