Against the Tough Shinobi, Konohamaru Will Demonstrate Strength in Boruto Episode 41?


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<h4 class= As a jonin, Konohamaru Sarutobi is probably one of the greatest ninja in Konohagakure at present. But so far he has not been given a chance to show off in a live or dead duel. Is Boruto episode 41 finally going to show its full strength?

Judging from preview does it seem so!

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Upon hearing the name of Konohamaru Sarutobi, there may still be Navers who remembered the small Konohamaru figure. Though this one figure has grown considerably compared to those times. Unmitigated, now Konohamaru has become a trusted jonin to lead Team 7, trio genin main character.

However, so far Konohamaru jonin version has not been given the opportunity to show its maximum abilities in a battle situation of life or death, as it has been repeatedly faced by the senior whom he admired: Naruto.

Konohamaru's power is not to be underestimated. During the Academy exam, he was able to paralyze students like Hako Kuroi when the students did not even have time to deal with his attacks. Then Konohamaru was able to confront the Nue-Sharingan combo of Sumire and Sarada.

But, the Academy exam is definitely not a battle that can test all of Konohamaru's abilities.


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Even in the manga version of Konohamaru has not been given a chance to really craze. He is more determined to run to secure his injured colleagues rather than continue to face the Puppet, a ninja doll that can fire jutsu continuously.

Well, it seems January 2018 is a moment where we can see what kind of Konohamaru jonin version when he decided to fight seriously.

In the manga version, Konohamaru obviously has to help Team 7. The reason Ao has emerged with advanced weapons to confront them.

While in Boruto episode 41, which took time before the incident of the manga version, preview shows that Konohamaru is determined to fight two enemy shinobi. Previously, one of these shinobi was shown capable of almost killing Boruto quickly, until Konohamaru rescued his disciple.

However, Konohamaru may not have to be beaten up against the two enemy shinobi. The title of Boruto episode 41 is Power of Unity the power of unity. If Team 7 were able to save the Left, the last one seen being kidnapped, then they might be able to go ahead with their instructor.

Boruto's First Mission Will Be Done in Episode 41

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<p> So far, Boruto's first mission has much in common with the plot of Zabuza. But do not expect Konohamaru and Team 7 battles against the tough shinobi will be sustained like Kakashi's first duel. </p>
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Synopsis episode 42 shows that the deed of the bridge deed seems to actually be completed in episode 41.

Since the first mission, Boruto is completely dissatisfied with the simple missions they get. However, in the end Boruto and Team 7 also got a mission to "catch a criminal who attacked the Bank."

Boruto can not wait to act in a long time. However, upon reaching the crime scene, the criminal they face is only a weak man who has just been fired from his company.

Hyep, the tough shinobi that appear in episode 40 does not seem to last long. Skill Konohamaru and Team 7 cooperation could be the reason why they can fall out quickly. But unfortunately also in fact, this interesting conflict seems to be treated only as filler to fill the time to the true great groove: Chūnin Exam.

How do you think Konohamaru will solve the problems faced by this team? Convey in the comment field!


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