Again-Oda Salah ?! One Piece Maker Make Correction On Flampe !!

We can be typo, let alone Oda, who is busy making our favorite comics every day.

 age correction flampe "width = "800" height = "450" ​​/> Eiichiro Oda again repairs to the manga <em> One Piece </em> which he has made.This time, the revision was done on Flampe, a new character in his manga.Then what is the effect of this correction on this Flampe ? </h4>
<p> Recently we re-introduced to the other characters of the Charlotte family. No matter though the story has been at the end <em> arc </em> Whole Cake Island, Oda still introduces yet another Big Mom's daughter named Charlotte Flampe. Unfortunately before a correction on the Flampe, he was introduced so young that it caused some debate among fans. </p>
<p> First appeared Charlotte Flampe was introduced as the 33rd daughter of Big Mom by the age of 15. This raises a variety of speculations from the fan, especially about the Flampe and Pudding birth order which seems strange. If Flampe is indeed the 33rd daughter, it means that Pudding who is the 35th child must be younger than Flampe. </p>
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Does not this mean Sanji is almost marrying a child under 15 years old?!

Luckily, Eiichiro Oda corrected the Flampe before the fan misunderstood further. In an official twitter account for One Piece, Oda conveyed that there was an error related to Charlotte Flampe. The girl, according to this twitter account, should have been the 36th daughter of the 15-year-old Charlotte family.

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<p class= Source: twitter @Eiichiro_Staff

Even the post on twitter also includes a small note from Eiichiro Oda. He did not think that many readers One Piece were aware of the peculiarities of the introduction of the Charlotte Flampe. The One Piece comic artist is also pleased to have made a correction on the Flampe for those who are aware of it.

With this confusion many fan One Piece about Sanji who was thought to be almost married to a child, missed already. It turns out Charlotte Pudding is not younger than Flampe, considering Pudding is the 35th daughter and Flampe turns out to be the daughter of the 36th.

With this correction on the Flampe at least the age of Charlotte Pudding is at least 16 years old, legal age to marry in Japan there. This means fans do not have to worry Eiichiro Oda supports underage marriage, because the fact is not like that. Come to think of it, this is a pretty fatal mistake, is not it?

Of course we can not completely blame Eiichiro Oda for the mistake, given the many new characters being introduced as Big Mom's sons in arc this time. Moreover, this Charlotte family has 85 children, with 39 girls and 46 boys. No wonder Oda miscalculated, is not it?

What do you think? Is this correction on the Flampe acceptable to you? Answer in the comment field, yes!

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