Again! It's the 5th Strongest Race in the Anime Series that Surely Apart from Saiyan!


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<h4 style= In the anime and manga series, there are usually certain races and breeds that have greater strength and ability! Having previously already discussed, this he continued the 5th most powerful race in the anime series besides Saiyan!

Every Ras is unique and has differences between one and the other. Each race also has different advantages, besides, they have different powers, not just races in anime, even in the real world though, like for example Europeans who partly have bodies higher than Asia.

In the anime world alone, the race is also diverse, and most of it is created in an unreal or full of fantasy. There is a very strong race, there is also a very unique and different. If you've read the 5 most powerful races in the first part of anime, then this is the sequel, who are the 5th strongest race in the next anime series?

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Otsutsuki (Naruto)

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<p style= Maybe all of you are just wondering "Otsutsuki is not a clan?" It is true that Otsutsuki is a clan, but he is a clan that comes from outer space, in short, Otsutsuki is an alien race.

Otsutsuki members usually have distinctive characteristics that are different from Earth humans, ranging from pale white skin color (sometimes bluish) to large or high physical forms as well as other signs such as horns that have existed since they were born.

Of course Otsutsuki is very powerful, and unquestionable. The Otsutsuki clan is able to control Chakra well, even Otsutsuki represented by Kaguya is he who can first use and teach Chakra.

The story of Otsutsuki has also been going on for very long, even long before modern civilization as it was in the era of Naruto appeared, and this family continues to influence the course of the Ninja world, up to the Boruto era.

Some Otsutsuki are depicted to have abilities on other Ninja Chakra users, such as Kaguya who can teleport between dimensions, as well as Hagoromo who can break Chakra from Juubi into 9 tailed beasts, or Biju.

Approximately, on the next page there is the strongest race in the anime series what else, huh? Curious? Check out the next page!


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