After Ultra Instinct, Will Goku Get a New Form Again?

Ultra Instinct became [Goku'slatestform which appeared in the whole series Dragon Ball . Due to its appearance at the end of the Dragon Ball Super series we must surely think that this form is the last form that Goku obtained. However, it looks like Ultra Instinct is not Goku's last form. It is possible that Goku will get new form again!

This was expressed by Akira Toriyama himself when he commented on Dragon Ball Movie which will be a continuation of the Dragon Ball Super . In his commentary, Akira Toriyama mentions that the manga Dragon Ball made by Toyotaro will have some differences with the anime and movie .

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<p style= It is common knowledge that manga and anime Dragon Ball Super has so many differences. This is because Akira Toriyama only outlines the story Dragon Ball Super while the story itself was developed by Toyotaro (manga) and studio Toei (anime).

Plenty of additions here and there by Toyotaro and Toei. For example, like Kale and Caulifla which are ideas of the Studio-not Toriyama.

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<p style= In the manga, Goku and Vegeta have some form that they do not have in the anime. For example, like Super Saiyan Blue Complete (SSGSS Complete) owned by Goku and Vegeta and only in the manga. Then, there is also Super Saiyan God Vegeta which is not shown in the anime. Instead, the anime gives Goku Super Saiyan Blue: Kaio-Ken and SSGSS Evolution on Vegeta (SSGSS itself has not been confirmed to appear in the manga).

With so many differences form between the manga and the anime, it is not impossible that later in the anime Goku will get form other than Ultra Instinct. Indeed, the signs of Ultra Instinct in the manga itself have been mentioned by Whis since Goku and Vegeta trained with him. However, it does not rule out that Goku will get new form again.

Not to mention, there tweet from this Toyotaro …

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