After the Unicorn Gundam of Genuine Size, here's 5 Other Gundams That Might Be Made Next


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<h4> The original-sized Unicorn Gundam is nearing completion and ready for public opening at DiverCity, Odaiba. Approximately in the future, what Gundam will replace it huh? </h4>
<p> The original-sized Gundam at headquarters <em> Gundam </em>or Tokyo's Gundam Base in Japan is already a hallmark. Many fans <em> Gundam </em> as well as ordinary visitors are willing to come to DiverCity Tokyo, Odaiba to see the real-life Gundam </p>
<p> Previously, the first Gundam RX-78-2 has been established since 2012, and should now be replaced by its successor, RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. Judging from this point, it looks like there will be a regular turnover from this original-sized Gundam. </p>
<p> Here are 5 Gundams that will probably replace the later Unicorn Gundam. </p>
<p> 1 </p>
<p class= Strike Freedom Gundam – Gundam Seed Destiny

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<p> It is undeniable indeed that <em> Gundam Seed </em> is one of the most popular <em> Gundam </em> series in Japan after the Universal Century series. It is also not surprising that the next Gundam is the Strike Freedom Gundam. </p>
<p> In fact, the Life Size Bust or body parts until the original-size Strike Freedom head is already in the Gundam Front of Tokyo. They only need to use the same concept for their perfect body if made original-sized. </p>
<p> Just as Gundam and Unicorn have <em> gimmick </em> and can move as entertainment, Strike Freedom can also be. This gundam is likely to open its wings wide. </p>
<p> 2 </p>
<p class= Wing Gundam – Gundam Wing

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<p> As well as <em> Gundam Seed </em>the serial <em> Gundam Wing </em> is also quite well known in Japan. Of course Wing Gundam will not be absent from this list. There are several variations of the Wing Gundam, but the usual or the first Wing Gundam is likely to be made in original size. </p>
<p> The possibility <em> gimmick </em> is the same as Strike Freedom, the Wing Gundam can open its wings. But if the technology gets more sophisticated, it could be that this original-sized Wing Gundam turns into Bird Mode. </p>
<div class=


Zeta Gundam – Zeta Gundam

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<p> <em> Zeta Gundam </em> was the <em> sequel </em> of <em> the first Mobile Suit Gundam </em>. Here, the main character, Kamille Bidan uses two Gundams, the Gundam MK-II and Zeta Gundam. But what seems to be made its original size is Zeta Gundam. </p>
<p> Zeta Gundam has almost the same height as the Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode, just two meters apart. If there is already enough technology, then just like Wing Gundam, Zeta can also change to Waverider Mode, or airplane mode. </p>
<p> 4 </p>
<p class= Exia Gundam – Gundam 00

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<p> <em> Gundam 00 </em> is also no less popular with the <em> Gundam </em> series above. Of the many cool Mobile Suits in this series, of course the Exia Gundam has the greatest possibility to be made of original size. </p>
<p> There are several variations of the Exia Gundam, the usual, Repair 2, Repair 3, and Avalanche Exia. The possibility of being the original size is the usual Exia Gundam or Repair 2. Neither is there much difference. </p>
<p> <em> Gimmick </em> it is certain, that is Trans Am. In Trans Am mode, Exia Gundam's body of original size will turn red. </p>
<p> 5 </p>
<p class= Gundam Barbatos 4th Form – Iron Blooded Orphans

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<p> If you look at the series that is currently popular in Japan, then <em> Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans </em> also did not escape from this list. Gundam Barbatos 4th Form will likely be made its original size if the series is lifted. </p>
<p> Unlike the other Gundams on this list, the Gundam Barbatos 4th Form does not seem to have much <em> gimmick </em>like the Gundam RX-78-2. The possibility of his eyes may turn red and smoke. </p>
<p> That's the 5 Gundams that are likely to replace the original-size Unicorn Gundam in the future. There are actually several others. Zaku 2 Char can also be created, but this list is special Gundam. </p>
<p> Serial <em> Gundam Build Fighters </em> can not be entered, because if following the animenya, then High Grade 1/144 of this series alone is the original size. What do you think? Do you think there is another Gundam? Write in comment field yes. </p>
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