After Knowing Sora, Let's Get to Know Shiro No No Deeper Life Game!


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<h4> In the previous article, we have already discussed the facts about Sora. Well, this time we will discuss the fact Shiro <em> No Game No Life </em> so you can get to know this cute character this one more deeply. </h4>
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<p class= Meaning of Shiro's Name

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<p> The word 'Shiro' has a 'white' meaning in Japanese. Many people speculate that this has something to do with Shiro's albino-like appearance. </p>
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The surnames of Sora and Shiro are Nai, as mentioned by the author No Game No Life . This could mean that their surname is really Nai, or maybe they do not have a surname, because Nai (な い) in Japanese means 'nothing'.


Shiro's Self Data

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<p> Shiro is told as an 11-year-old character who is genius but chooses to be NEET (<em> Not in Education, Employment, or Training </em>) or the name for those who shut themselves out of the real world. </p>
<p> She became Sora's half-sister after Sora's father remarried. Both chose to play the game together. Mentioned also that Shiro has a height of 140 cm and weight 48 kg, which is the height and weight of an average child aged 11 years. </p>
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<p class= Master of Chess

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<p> Due to his genius in logic and problem solving, Shiro is very skilled at playing chess. He never lost in all the chess games played by him. Not only chess alone, he and Sora are the best players in the 280 games they play. </p>
<p> Shiro can also speak in 18 languages ​​and can learn the language of Imanity in just 15 minutes, while Sora takes 1 hour. </p>
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<p class= Shiro's weakness

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<p> Shiro's Fact <em> No Game No Life </em> The next one is he has many weaknesses, one of which is he can not be separated from Sora. When Sora and Shiro are separated, they will be exposed <em> panic attack </em>. </p>
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In addition, Shiro has difficulties to understand the emotions or habits of others. Especially when playing games against other humans, he has trouble predicting what moves his opponent will take. Therefore, he relies heavily on Sora to ascertain whether his opponent is trapping him.

He himself rarely shows the emotions he possesses. In fact, Shiro has a bad sense of humor and sadistic nature loh! Especially when dealing with Sora, he will show his sadistic nature to its competitors.


Shiro's Voiced

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<p> The sound of the <em> No Game No Life </em> cute character is filled by a voice called Kayano Ai. Apparently, in addition to voice, Kayano Ai can also sing loh! The proof is that he was the one who sang the first <em> ending No Game No Life song </em> entitled Oración. </p>
<p> What do you think about the fact Shiro <em> No Game No Life </em> is this? If you know the other facts, do not forget to voice your opinion in the comment field yes! </p>
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